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Quoted by Economic Times for my US $ One Billion Valuation of Fertliser Business of Tata Chemicals

Economic Times has quoted me extensively in today’s edition for my US $ One Billion Valuation for the Fertiliser Business of Tata Chemicals  in their headline story  on Tata Chemicals mulling to sell their Fertliser Business


2 thoughts on “Quoted by Economic Times for my US $ One Billion Valuation of Fertliser Business of Tata Chemicals”

  1. Just saw an SBI Bank Shop in the Mall at Bangalore.

    You would be amazed to see such an ultra modern facility used by a PSU.

    There was a SBI Shop with

    1. A machine that can scan you Aadhar Card & PAN Card. It can scan your biometrics with an inbuilt scanner on the same machine. It also had a Digital Signature Recorder. Just put in your details and in no time your account would get opened without a Single Form.

    2. There was a Debit card Machine besides that that just requires your bank account no. Your Debit Card with your own name printed on it comes to you within 2 mins.

    3. The third machine gives you your Net & Phone Banking User ID & password.
    More surprised

    4. Saw a personalised room with a touch screen computer that had options like wealth management, mutual funds, insurance, account queries, etc. Just on click of single button an executive would get connected to you via Skype with a seamless connection.

    Really a good initiative by SBI

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