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R Ravimohan, Chairman of CRISIL resigns….brought back a lovely memory

Just read that R Ravimohan resigned as the Managing Director and Region Head of South and SouthEast Asia of Standard & Poor’s and as Chairman of Crisil to pursue another very good opportunity in India, which he will disclose in due course

Brought back a lovely Memory of a few years ago… It was a Function where Certificates were to be awarded to a Batch of the CPCM Students at the BSE Training Institute (BTI).

R Ravimohan was the Chief Guest…. The GM of BTI asked the Class, whether there was anything anyone wanted to say about the three month CPCM Course that they had passed… A CPCM participant had got up and said “What I learnt from Gaurav Parikh’s three sessions, I have not learnt in my three years of pursuing the Commerce Degree !”

I used to take the CPCM sessions on Time Value of Money and Valuation of Equity

R Ravimohan had then asked for me, but I was not present that day… This was immediately relayed to me by the BSE BTI Course Coordinators… It is indeed such appreciation that serves as a motivating factor…. Later Crisil had invited me to deliver sessions at their Wealth Management Workshops… but it was more probably because a BSE BTI Coordinator had moved to Crisil !

Wish R Ravimohan all the very best in his pursuit of another ‘very good opportunity’

Cheers !


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