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Real Rains Finally Shower in Mumbai…smell that Corn on the burning coals !

What a relief !…Monsoon is officially now in Mumbai from last evening…It’s cooled down temperatures plenty…Electricity Bills that went through the roof in Summer and prompted protests should now also cool down

I can smell the corn !

It’s a real treat…Rains Lashing Down and you’re getting really wet at Marine Drive by the Arabian Sea,having left office earlier at 5 pm to beat the traffic and enjoy the corn ! ….Fresh Corn being roasted on Burning Coals under makeshift poly shelters…those hawking keeping a wary eye on cops…trying to cultivate them with a free corn or two…’s illegal to hawk on the seaface

My wife and I got our favourite corn guy…Gorakh…that’s what he calls himself as he’s from Gorakhpur….or should we say we had him…missed him last season…hope he’s back…Guy’s always smiling and he keeps some great corn in the gunny bag for us,lest it get’s spotted and  eaten away by someone else…Proudly displays it to us before putting it on the coals…and I’ll let you on a secret…put the corn without peeling off the leaves…it will take longer to roast…then apply some Amul Butter on it…Gorakh keeps this too besides the normal salt and chili powder and lemon….Heaven !….While the Heavens open out from above,you’ll open out to the Heavens from Below !…Pure Bliss…Heaven does cost a few Rupees more though ! Rs 12 against Rs 10 for the normal big ones 

And there was instant spontaneity and connection between us…his eyes lit up as he spotted our car slowing down for him…and when when we got him some ‘bhelpuri’ or give him one of my shirts,he treated us to a wide grin…bigger than his usual…he encapsulates the gutsy enterprising spirit of Mumbai

Meher Moos,the intrepid Traveller round the Globe, can often be spotted at the Kemps Corner Signal and at the Fountain signal seeking a car lift…two monsoons ago we gave her one at Fountain…we stopped at Gorakh and treated ourselves to the Corn..made Meher Moos have the one with Butter…she loved it !

We do have corn elsewhere too…but somehow “the baarish main garam garm bhutta,butter kay saath !” has always tasted the best with Gorakh !

And if you want roasted corn bhel then there’s this street vendor at Opera House…bang opposite Panchratna….with electronic,medical and car battery stores as his backdrop…..Nobody makes it like he does! Lip smacking stuff  ! great value for money…under Rs 20

Happiness is truly in small moments and in the present and in Corn and in the Monsoons !


2 thoughts on “Real Rains Finally Shower in Mumbai…smell that Corn on the burning coals !”

  1. gautam kumar agarwal

    Cheers for that sir, hope these showers covers whole country soon & last till our farmers want.

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