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Reclaim Your Life Now !

Reclaim Your Life Now !

What inspired me to blog this on a lovey cool Sunday Morning were two interesting news articles today ~ one in the Sunday Mid-Day and one in the Mumbai Mirror

Sunday Mid-day : Smartphones: The new homebreakers ~ Imagine waking up and hugging your phone instead of your children or spouse just to check if you missed any calls or messages or emails while you slept at night ! ~ Get a Life Guys ! ~ just junk your Smartphone and go back to one that allows you only to simply make or receive calls and sms and throws in a games like building bricks ! ~ “But Dad ! you send me a Smiley Hug everyday from your Smartphone !” retorted my Son  ~ “That’s different Son,I use it well ! and how else can I hug you when you go and come at odd hours  as an upcoming Sound Engineer !” I justified

Mumbai Mirror : ‘I had played far too long with money’ ~ This is about a Share Broker Shripal Morakhia of SSKI (Sharekhan) who exited to IDFC and Citibank believing that Financials Services is the worst business to be in ~ no matter if you’re good or bad,finally greed takes over !  ~ Loves Mumbai and it’s pulse,just like I do, but says he would not like his grandchildren to stay here as it’s a decaying city ! ~There is more than a modicum of Truth in what he believes in !

Also Inspiring and makes me feel warm and nice are good English Romantic Comedies ~ am a sucker for these~ and simply love this TV Channel ‘Romedy Now’ that airs them ~ saw two back to back day before night ‘Hall Pass’ (2011) starring   Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Stephen Merchant, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate and ‘The Ugly Truth’ (2009) starring Kathrine Heigl and Gerard Butler

Had a  good Sunday Early Morning Walk  in our Building Garden listening to ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ and other great Music ~ Amusingly a Pug from my Building wanted to walk with me ! despite it’s young owner coaxing it to move into the Car to be taken for his walk elsewhere ! he finally had to carry the dog into the car!

Came back home to  lovely Old Hindi Songs on FM and Hot Masala Dosas with Steaming Sambhar for Breakfast which has become our  Sunday Norm now

Alright so  I eat  Dosa with a Knife and Fork ! ~ Don’t chuckle or snigger ! ~ Learn how to from me ! ~ my wife thinks I’m mad and I must reveal this was the reason of our first post marriage argument on our honeymoon in Pahalgam after I ate a Gujarati Thali with my hands ! ~ her sarcasm,she calls it wit, spilled over  ” Why don’t you eat the Thali with a Fork and Knife !”

Masala Dosa with Sambhar at Home for Breakfast on a Cool Sunday Morning

Thought of Deepak Chatterjee,who I happen to know ~ he just moved away as MD & CEO of SBI Mutual Fund ~ has penned a book ‘Are You really Happy’ on Fundamental Happiness which has been reviewed by G S Subramanian on his Sublimation blogspot  

I’m yet to complete the Book as it runs deep and deals with Deepak’s Journey through anxiety,depression and the vicissitudes of Life and how he dealt with them in his quest for Fundamental Happiness

Those in this Rat Race of an Existence would do well to recall Ayn Rand who eloquently quoted “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve not by the desire to beat others!” 

And Now looking forward to an evening dinner with a good close friend and his wife ~my wife and I think he is one of the finest and most genuine  and warm human beings on Planet Earth ~ honest and straightforward and righteous and  accomplished and well- to- do  and yet down to earth and no airs ! ~ when he called to invite asking if we were free,we said “yes, we always are for you!” even before he actually invited ! ~ Even over the phone  I could hear him grin !

Cheers ! Have a great Sunday !



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