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Recommended AP Paper at Rs 160 to Rs 190 in January 2012 ~ At Rs 318 you’ve got a near 100% absolute gains inside six months in a volatile market !

Recommended AP Paper at Rs 160 to Rs 190 in January 2012 ~ At Rs 318,you’ve got a near  100% absolute gains inside six months in a volatile market ! where the Sensex has as of date given 10% gains in 2012 from 1550 levels to 17000 levels

To be honest Rs 300+  was a target of mine only in 2013 and beyond and this Selection  would not suit all Risk Profiles ~ So those who don’t have it in their Portfolios don’t rue the fact ~ The 100% surge inside five to six months has surprised me

Those who risked it have gained ~ but not before some apprehension for it had reacted sharply in January 2012 itself from Rs 190+ levels to Rs 150 before recovering and  moving strongly past Rs 300

2011 was a bad and put off year for Markets and in late 2010 and early 2011 I had strongly recommended tactical sizeable  reallocation from Equity to Debt ~ while at end 2011 I saw some potential in really beaten down stocks to stage a recovery in 2012 ,the risks associated with such controversial stocks like Reliance Com , India Bulls Real Estate and IFCI  and even AP Paper could not be understated ~ All surged quickly in January itself and in the first half of February and gains were booked quickly too ~ on hindsight a wise move as share prices reacted to reverse some or all of the gains ~ However  A P Paper has sustained the surge and is currently strong at Rs 318

Those who want to professionally connect with me if they see added value in doing  so and for fundamental advise on their Portfolios and/or fresh investments in Equity can email me at [email protected] or [email protected] providing me with details (scrip,qty,cost,current value) or just aggregate current value of their Equity portfolio and fresh funds available for Equities and we can take it from there 

After gauging your Risk Profile there are a few Potential Winners we can position you in for the second half of 2012 and 2013

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3 thoughts on “Recommended AP Paper at Rs 160 to Rs 190 in January 2012 ~ At Rs 318 you’ve got a near 100% absolute gains inside six months in a volatile market !”

  1. Sir, I tracked from ap paper from 240 technically it looked good entered at around 240 245 bot 1000 qty. I sold at 323 recently when it made a high of 351.80. at current price of 285 technically it looks good, have fuindamental valuation peaked out ?. can i reenter at these levels ?

    1. Well done Anish ~ though I’m not an advocate for technicals I can advice you to stick to what’s working for you ~ my experience has shown difficulty in integrating Technicals and Fundamentals largely because of divergence in views ~ even where there appears convergence, timing plays traunt and spoilsport and holding periods,prevailing sentiment,liquidity and momentum also come into play and play up huge differences in the mindsets of Short term Trading through technicals and relatively longer term Investments through Fundamentals ~ in bullish times everything works and we take credit for being highly skilled in spotting opportunities ~ true test of skilss and temperament and conviction is in bearish times and when being a contrarion
      As far as A P Paper is concerned,the fundamental reco range was Rs 160 to Rs 190 ~ it crossed year + target of Rs 300 + inside months and it was prudent to rein in the gains ~ As a norm I do not re-enter scrips unless the reversal from highs is back to original buying range and I yet hold my +view considering newer developments ~ this is different from an averaging strategy,especially on significant declines to reduce holding cost ~ moreover current price of A P Paper far exceeds the original buying range and brings into focus the higher risk ~ there are many more fish in the pond ! ~ Anish you successfully hooked A P Paper and ate healthy gains ,so technically,pun intended,can you do so yet again !? ~ Look for others to hook in the pond ! ~but don’t curse me if A P Papers crosses Rs 350 + again ~ Cheers !

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