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Relaxed Weekend thus far ~Inspired by Friends & Food & Fab Views

Golf Course View from the Library

Relaxed  Extended Weekend thus far……

Thursday Night….enjoyed  dinner with a couple clients and friends that ended with a sinful Apricot Pluf and  Fresh Anjeer & Walnut Icecream

Friday Night….chilled  with good friends over a lovely dinner 

Noon Saturday…. lots to ponder in solitude…rouble crashing 23%,’Swachh’ India and ‘UnSwachh’ BCCI,Subdued Gold and Oil Prices and who’s behind this,Maharashtra Politics,’Make in India’,Sensex at 28000…gathered and penned thoughts inspired by the Golf Course view from the top from the Library…followed it by a great Lunch that began with Pumpkin soup with Pine Nuts & a Rocket Lettuce,Walnut and Pears Salad and ended with Terrine with Strawberry coulis !…all in soulful solitude

Later on Saturday evening…. Wife & I checked out Vir Das’ ‘History of India’ 90 min Comedy Act….it’s been running for quite some time now ….quite ‘Vir’ and hilarious…finally managed to catch the show at Sophia’s….caught up with friends too….we were all in splits…laugh riot…it’s stand out stand up stuff from Vir..he’s in a league of is own…some of his act is written by stand up comedians Rohan Joshi & Tanmay Bhatt….Vir’s new Act is ‘Battle of the Sexes’ and producer Ashwin Gidwani tells us that the guys and girls sit separately in the audience for a good reason….surely will catch up with this new act too….alright Vir have plugged both your shows so you can now send the commission…..   😆 …followed this with  a really late dinner of Mushroom & Almond Soup and Water Chestnuts in Soya and Balsamic Mushrooms and  Balinese Curry & Rice with friends

Morning Sunday…. had a Hot Strong Force Water Shower…recommend it strongly as a cheaper and more invigorating alternative to massage…followed by a Healthy Akoori on Toast Breakfast with Fresh Orange Juice and Strong Pot of Mint Tea…also managed a Masala Dosa !

Healthy Breakfast of Akoori on Toast & Fresh Orange Juice with Pot of Strong Mint Tea

 …now ready for a light Sunday late afternoon bite of  Pringles with fresh Garlic Mushroom Dip 

Maybe Catch the Epic ‘Interstellar’ this Sunday evening

…and tomorrow is another week that begins with great expectations of one of our recos running away  and welcoming new clients !   😆

You Guys too hope are enjoying the weekend and will have a fruitful week coming up

Cheers !

PS : Caught ‘Interstellar’ late night 10.15 pm show on Screen 2 D Row at Sterling Cineplex….Great Movie Lousy Theatre

Give  you a worthy tip ~ Spend a bit more and See the Movie at PVR or Inox to enjoy this epic rather than at noisy theatres where people treat weekend shows as picnics !

Sterling was a forgettable experience last night ~ my Seat fell off ~uncleaned prior shows rubbish & mosquitoes~,unfortunately seated in a row that had a kid continuously asking his dad “Which Planet?” ~obnoxious fat guy next to be who kept shifting in his seat and tried to elbow me off the chair arm and who annoyingly demolished a whole pizza as the movie began and then followed it up with a loudly crunching Bag of Popcorn through some serious scenes that required rapt attention ~ and a boisterous young man with his friends in the seat ahead who I had to tap to shut up or go out and talk on his mobile and in revenge he suddenly tilted his chair at least six times to sting my knees

The Movie was fairly riveting with some great scenes and one liners like ” Formidable & Frightening maybe,but not evil “: referring to Space and ” your waist is measured in two numbers,and you want to measure my son’s future on just one number”: referring to a low test score for college admission …the movie is an exploration into space across dimensions following up on those who went before and send back data to assess if the planet  could support human life ~ that was the only way to save Humans on Planet Earth is to move out into space~ movie touches on how human emotions of love and bonding are actually survival and communication tools and why men & women and not just machines need to go into space to explore as only they are capable of adapting to changing circumstances ~ and the fascinating “they” referring to a highly evolved alien force who are in five dimensions but need a human to communicate the solutions and way forward to mankind  ~ and the relative concept of time where one  maneuver  in space may be just a few seconds in space but actually equivalent to years on Planet Earth




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