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Reliance Industries remains @ Rs 885 ! ~ Gone Nowhere last Six Years !

In October 2012,I had blogged on Reliance Industries @ Rs 850 then wondering aloud if at all it could double in 3 years by 2015 to give a 30% CAGR Gain given all the Controversies plaguing it.The link’s below

Alright! ~ Will it double from Rs 850 in three years time !?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

We are well into 2015,infact in the 30th month since the above blogpost and Reliance Industries  has gone nowhere & continues to struggle at Rs 885 ! while Sensex has gone up 58% from 18675 to 29445 ….The Controversies continue,daresay even more pronounced

While it was in some Clients Equity Portfolios as a Core Selection ,I advised to exit in 2013 itself and stopped covering it on serious Corporate Governance & Controversial Issues that remained unresolved…yet do  

The Market Cap currently is Rs 286149 crs=> @ US $ 46 billion….It was around the same three and six years ago but then was at No 1 Ranking….Now it’s at No 2 Ranking way below TCS’s US $ 85 billion and it’s got ITC, ONGC and HDFC Bank all at it’s heels  at @ US $ 44 billion each

Of Course Mukesh Ambani,with his controlled 45.25% Equity Stake in Reliance Industries, continues to be the richest Indian with a networth of US $ 20 b +,only just eclipsed by Dilip Shanghvi of Sun Pharma ~ but he’s not made his Shareholders rich now for the last six years….The Price was the same even in 2010

From April 2013 he gets Z Category Security which media reports that he pays for at Rs 15 lakhs a month 

Can he redeem this ‘No Gains’ situation in the coming years ?

2.8 million Reliance Shareholders obviously have faith that he will but they have been exposed with this hope and faith for many years now without the comfort of any A to Z type of Security or protection ! 

Are you one of  these 2.8 million Shareholders ?



2 thoughts on “Reliance Industries remains @ Rs 885 ! ~ Gone Nowhere last Six Years !”

  1. Rightly I just don’t like these blue chip stocks. When market goes down then all goes down so when sun shine let me make most.

  2. No, I am not one of those Reliance shareholders and not likely to be one in the future. Unless, Reliance drops way below its tangible book value and most shareholders have give up on it.

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