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Reliance or NBCC ? ~ Both @ Rs 850 levels

😀 Oh ! How I love Equities !

Reliance Industries or NBCC !?

No Brainer!?

Both  FV Rs 10 and @ Rs 850 levels

Reliance with a Market Cap of @ Rs 275000 crs and  embedded in controversies and has actually lost monies for shareholders in the last six years of holding

NBCC with a Market Cap of  @ Rs 10200 crs and on the ascend yet despite a stellar over 500% rise in just over a year !

Had Recommended Exit from Reliance over a year ago on Corporate Governance issues and had strongly recommended NBCC as a SS 2 Select on October 18,2013 as a super Diwali Pick at Rs 110

If you Guys consider a Switch from Reliance to NBCC and make some Money on this,let me know by email and I’ll tell you where to send my Fees ! 🙂

If you don’t make Monies then my email was wrong! 🙂

Oh! and if you’re considering switching from NBCC to Reliance in expectations of  ‘Jio’ Rollout benefit,then all the best and “Jugh Jugh Jio! ” 🙂



5 thoughts on “Reliance or NBCC ? ~ Both @ Rs 850 levels”

  1. he took over businesses of nahata,bahl and jain market did not punished him,got into lenghty litigation with GOI on gas price ,mkt did not punished him…..but now when he is trying to undo his mistakes the his stock is getting hammered…………………………………….RIL was the only player in india who saw the oil crash coming,and kind of capex he has done to increase petchem margings isphenomenal,and that will pay off in medium term……….. we have to understand that he makes more than 8000 crs in treasury operation every monthand if he is borrowing big way overseas than be assured that liquidity will dry up in next 6-12 months.


  2. Anurag,he may be making ,Reliance may be making but are shareholders making monies from Reliance!?….An Investor has Hundreds of choices he can choose to invest from….Reliance is only one of them….millions of shareholders yet have pinned their hopes on Reliance….hope their trust is not betrayed

  3. Trusting Reliance ….are you kidding? Reliance makes cash/profit disappear by buying Mukesh Ambani’s “privately” owned companies. And, I strongly suspect Reliance is loosing a lot of money with falling oil prices (has anyone looked at their oil derivative contracts? Confidential info??)

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