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Reliving Classics of the 1960s 70s & 80s through Retro Razzmatazz & More

Just back from reliving the 1960s & 70’s & 80’s for nearly two hours  through Rael Padamsee’s Retro Razzmatazz & More at the Club Lawns

All my favs who I lived and continue to live through came alive on Stage ….Madonna,Neil Diamond,Billy Joel,Elton John,Elvis Presley,Wham, CCR ,Boney M,ABBA,Gloria Gaynor,Simon & Garfunkel,Don Mclean,Beatles,Whitney Houston,Tina Turner,Tina Charles… 

Sharmila Dias is a well known Singer in the Mumbai circuit and she and her band had  livened up New Year Night too at the Club to bring in 2013 ~ she made my day singing the Gloria Gaynor Anthem “I’ll Survive”

The Veteran Singer Sharon Prabhakar made a special appearance and began with the superb selection “I’m Alive” and closed out later with her famous rendition of Elaine Page’s   “Don’t Cry for me Argentina ” in ‘Evita’

Abigail Fonseca was a revelation when she sang Whitney Houston’s “I’ll Always Love You” 

However for me it was Siddharth Meghani who stole the show ~ his crooning of Elvis Presley and Neil Diamond Classics Numbers  was stunning ~ guy’s a natural performer !

A Saturday Evening well spend ending Post Performance with a fine dining experience ,despite the rush ~superb St German Potage Soup and an excellent Fettucinni in a Tangy Tomato Sauce and Mushrooms & Capsicums and with Black Olives and Fresh Herbs layered on top

Would have been perfect if I’d won the Lucky Draw too ! ~ show was sponsored by Audi (had an awesome and powerful White 6 on display),Thomas Cook ( Host committed a Blooper by saying Thomas Crook before he corrected himself ~ wife thinks it was deliberate!),Godrej Properties and Etihad Airway who also donated Air Tickets for the Lucky Prize Winners ~ guy,definitely more elderly than me, next to me and his wife disappeared for a bite just before show began at 7.30 pm requesting me to keep his places ~ his name was mentioned as one of the lucky draw winners just before the show began ! ~ he must have heard because he returned quickly and introduced himself and inquired if he had won first or second or third ~ ~ told him they had announced names of  ten to fifteen winners in no specific order ~ during the show he was amazed I knew most of the songs which the Host was making us guess before they were sung ~ told him they were all Retro Classics~ wish the Winners were not through a Lucky Draw but through Guessing the Song or the Singer ~ like what does CCR stand for and what was their famous hit ! ~ those Etihad Tickets would have been mine !


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