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Remembering My Parents on the recent deaths of Cricket Crazy,Rajsingh Dungarpur and ‘Dirty Dancing’ Star,Patrick Swayze

Rajsingh Dungarpur passed away a few days ago…Cricket and Rajbhai were synonymous…He played for Rajasthan State  decades ago and then assumed pivitol administrative roles in our Country’s Cricket Structure…The Cricket Club of India,Mumbai (CCI)  and Rajbhai were one soul….Yet,in the past year he was sen often in solitary bliss,gazing out soulfully at the Golf Greens while enjoying a peaceful Breakfast or Lunch at the Willingdon Club Verandah or Garden Cafe…Perhaps the Machinations against him at CCI saddened him…..Not long before Alzehimers took over,Rajbhai was seen passionately regaling,whoever cared to lend a ear, with Cricketing anecdotes…Rajbhai will be remembered for many Cricket lores,but most for his insistence,despite strong opposition within the selection committee,on including the very young boy ,Sachin Tendulkar in the Cricket Tour to Pakistan in 1989 and for offering the Captaincy to a very startled,Mohd Azharuddin,who jumped at the opportunity

Remembering my late father…His Innings with Rajbhai  began in his capacity as the Manager of the IndianOil Cricket team…..Rajbhai had also offered membership of CCI,which my dad had then not pursued…wonder why!…..Rajbhai,on an overseas cricket tour in the late 1960s or early 1970s to, I think West Indies, had graciously taken an autograph book from my dad promising to get the signatures of all the Players for cricket crazy me….

A few days ago,’Dirty Dancing’ star,Patrick Swayze,aged 57, too died after suffering from Pancreatic Cancer for over a year…..remembering my Mom…she too succumbed in August 2007 to this after being diagnosed with it less than two months before her demise…In 2007,the famous Opera Singer,Luciano Pavarotti, aged 72,too passed away after a brief battle with Pancreatic Cancer  

May all their Souls Rest in Peace


2 thoughts on “Remembering My Parents on the recent deaths of Cricket Crazy,Rajsingh Dungarpur and ‘Dirty Dancing’ Star,Patrick Swayze”

  1. I agree, some are born to do certain things – Sachin = Cricket;Dhirubhai= Reliance

    Tatas = Business


    Could you provide some insights on ULIP policies especially from LIC – being lower charges – market leader and mostly people go with them as an investing options.

    LIC – Market Plus,Profit Plus, Jevan Saral – As these sale’d like hot cakes

  2. Hi Gaurav,
    very touching rememberance. Your Dad’s proficiency and interest in cricketing knowledge explains your insightful comments on the game! I got my interest in cricket and tennis from my Dad! Parents will live atleast as long as we live as said by a psychologist!

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