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Reviewed Global Fusion & Olive Bar & Kitchen & Barbeque Nation in Mumbai

Reviewed Restaurants Global Fusion at 2.5 & Olive Bar & Kitchen at 3  &  Barbeque Nation at 4.5  in Mumbai

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Reproducing though below

Global Fusion,Khar,Mumbai…Only Buffet….Indian,Chinese,Japanese & Thai

May 24,2014 Rated 2.5 on 5
Just back from Global Fusion at Linking Road…invited by Friends…..Cacophony & Crazy Crowd outside on the dug up road road that has Link Square where the restaurant is on the 3rd floor…..However inside it’s another world….Impressed by the inside ambience and the spread out spread and buffet concept but not so impressed by the food quality… expected connoisseur stuff as it is pitched as upmarket ….but was just about ok…soup alternatives were basic….starters and dimsums were passable… chilli paneer was rubbery and hard though the Indian paneer in the Main Course was soft …..the shitake tasted and smelt plastic and not fresh…sushi was well let’s keep sush about it…. small pastries tasted like bread….mousse did not melt in the mouth….and all of us found the food a bit oily too….service was fairly attentive but just about…not personal or friendly or top class like I thought it should be for such a place.. .trying to think which dish stood out from the 1000 ! (deliberate hyperbole) …none really….would I go back there?..let me think !… .not if I had to pay !…maybe not even if I did not have too !…they charge a 10% Service Tax too !…so don’t feel bad about not leaving any tip !….there’s no a-la-carte….just the buffet…. @ Rs 1200 incl taxes per person for a Saturday Night …was tempted to label it as Global ConFusion !…but think that would be unfair…we felt a bit cold as were seated in a distant corner where there were less patrons seated and ac draft was on us….left cold
Olive Bar & Kitchen,Mahalakshmi,Mumbai….Greek  Med
May 8,2014 Rated 3 on 5
Overpriced and a Greek Pretender…some servers not so knowledgable and menu for veg is limited and not much flexibility is accomodated when requested ….not good value for money….personally felt a bit cramped….would I go there again !?….only if invited !
Barbeque Nation,Worli,Mumbai….Only Buffet…..Indian,Chinese,Tandoor
October 7,2013 Rated 4.5 on 5
We had an excellent Sunday Lunch experience yesterday at their Atria Outlet…the ambience and service was very attentive and the 10 starters just kept being replenished quicker than we could finish them~the soups,the starters on skewers at your table grill,the main course and the desserts were outstanding…..daughter was celebrating her 18th Birthday with 12 friends and our Son at one table and we were deliberately seated at another….though we had arranged our own cake,they too gave us a complimentary one as well as a great Slush…it was also warm to see the staff lined up in unison cheering while they played the Birthday Song when the Candles were Blown and Cake was Cut….and they have a Policy of No Tips ! …..they even went out of their way to arrange an excellent table with a view at our request ~ they had to combine a few for this

We found it a ‘Good Value for Money’ Place even though there is no a-la-carte and the only option is the all inclusive Veg or Non Veg Buffett……weekdays it’s cheaper…..we got stuffed on the Unlimited Starters itself ! …probably that’s what everyone does as this is their speciality !….they also have a good choice of mocktails and cocktails and a full Bar…. will surely patronise them again ….they send us a sms same evening thanking us for visiting them and hoping to see us again soon….they shall


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  1. Bon Appetite Sir, if you get a chance so try Sigri at Malad for dinner. If not for anything their black dal is best I had in India or anywhere

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