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Rich Sunday Morning…Great Food for Thought…Tomato Garlic Rasam Vada for Food and My Dad’s Birth Anniversary & Aristotle for Thought !

My late father would have been 79 today…He passed away in 1998….all of us in the Family miss you dad ! more than we can reflect in a Blog !…just continue to shower your blessings on all of us….you are always in our thoughts and prayers and on some days you tug strongly within us…like just last week when we had your favourite “Dahi Vada & Cold Coffee” for Dinner !…We love you so much and relive all the lovely memories often…we really miss you dad…..  

It’s yet another rich Sunday morning….Early Morning Invigorating Olive Oil Point Pressure Massage….followed by page to page read of Five Sunday Morning Papers

Others may have envied the author of the Review of a Olive Oil massage and scrub at a newly opened luxurious Spa in South Mumbai,but not me ! The Spa will set you back a few Thousand for a 90 minute experience which you can create at Home for just a few Hundred !…. My Yoga Guru introduced me to a down to earth,earthy masseur…Guy is Strong and knows the Pressure Points too…so just put on some soothing Kenny G,use Olitalia’s Extra Virgin Olive Massage Oil and lie down on a Chattai….Bliss follows as the pressure points of your soles are attacked first

The Sunday papers carried full page ads from  Government Ministries and PSUs, BSNL & NTPC…Ministry of Coal,Ministry of Power,Ministry of Food Processing…..each ad has the concerned Minister/s of that Ministry,our PM and the Lady Chairperson of the ruling coalition UPA…It was amusing to see how their photos were placed in the ad…one carried the Minister in the Middle on Top with the PM and Chairperson on either side…another carried the Ministers below and the PM and UPA Chairperson on top…one carried the Chairperson in the Middle on Top and the PM and Minister on either side !……should there not be a uniform format !…based on the hierarchy of office !?…better yet…why carry the photos at all ! 

Ah! after a leisurely shower,what followed was Wife’s Sunday Tomato Garlic Rasam and Vada….simply Bliss…sinful really…..and Greek Philosopher,Aristotle’s great quote to go with it in today’s papers ” You know a Man is educated when he can entertain a Thought without accepting it ” 

Now off for lunch with Friends at the Club…..Just Love Sundays….Oscar Awards early tommorow Morning Live and another Holiday in Mumbai…It’s Maha Shiv Ratri Day


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