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Rigging in Rama Pulp & Papers on the BSE ? Evidence of orchestrated Play? be careful ..has dropped from Rs 35 to below Rs 33 today

I’m not going into the Merits of Rama Pulp…it may be just all Pulp !

I leave it your judgement….this is the sequence of events

March 9,2010….I receive an unsolicited SMS,twice ,as must have thousands of others…Reproduced verbatim below

Message Details : Sender :(no name) TA-STKFANCY….Time Received : 13:15:39

Message in Verbatim: 

Buy for intraday JACKPOT: Buy RAMA PULP (502587) SL 35 Intra trg upper freez,Buy in bulk,FII buying in huge,Co contracted with WALLMART,

March 11,2010….I notice lakhs of quantities traded on March 10,2010  upto a Price of Rs 38.35 on the Bulk Deals Sement Reposting on the BSE Website…In fact seems there has been regular Bulk Deals happening in Rama Pulp this year and same Names appear in multiple Deals

In Many cases the Same names appear in Huge Buy Deals as also in Huge Sell Deals on the same day !

BSE has just closed…it’s past 3.30 pm and I check the Share Price of RAMA PULP…It has registered a High/Low of Rs 35/Rs 32.65 and closed down from yesterday at Rs 33.15 with a traded volume of 3.99 lakh shares…and interestingly a Two Week Average Traded Volume of is 12.96 lakh shares !…the Market Cap of this Company is a mere Rs 25 crs 

Be careful !…clearly seems to be an orchestrated move to seduce suckers to buy through unsolicited SMS recommendations with an objective to create a hype and market to offload huge quantity of shares by Sellers

BSE & SEBI need to figure out what’s the game here,if any, in RAMA PULP and who’s playing it, for the benefit of all Investors

In fact similar gameplans and ploys are visible in many scrips….cast a shadow over the sanctity of Trading on our Bourses…Transperancy and Credibility Issues


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