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RIP Dr Verghese Kurien ~ Father of India’s White Revolution

RIP Dr Verghese Kurien ~ Father of India’s White Revolution

Dr Verghese Kurien 1921~2012
A Salute to Dr Verghese Kurien ~ May his Soul rest in Peace

Dr Kurien passed away at 2 am this morning at a Speciality Hospital in Nadiad at a grand age of 90 ~ He was suffering from kidney related ailments ~The Selfless Doctor Couple that runs this Speciality Urological Hospital  with a fabulous Team of dedicated Doctors and Specialists are Clients of Mine and believe me if any one could have saved Dr Kurien’s Life or prolonged it ,they were the ones !

Dr Kurien is credited to ushering in the White Revolution in India making and today India is one of the biggest producers of Milk in the World ~ Anand,Gujarat was his base and he was instrumental in getting the Farmers to form a cooperative and get better price for their Milk ~ AMUL was born and today it is India’s Face ~ It’s Dairy Products are India’s First Choice ~ AMUL Butter has become a generic name !

What a creative and apt tribute and salute to Dr Kurien as above !

Thank you Dr Kurien ~ For Leaving India A Butter Place   

They don’t make guys like you anymore !


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