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Saal Mubaarak…what a wonderful sight to see the Obamas’ dance the Koli Fisherfolk Dance !

Sall Mubaraak to all of you as we begin the New Year this Sunday

….and what a glorious sight this morning to see both First Lady Michelle and her husband US President Barack Obama get up sportingly and join in the Koli fisherfolk dance put up by kids of the Holy Name School at Colaba in Mumbai……

……..what diplomacy and hardcore meetings cannot achieve is being achieved by Music,Song and Dance !…and I must say I love the rhythm of Michelle…she’s a great groover and catches on the steps in a jiffy…she showed glimpses of this at the Mumbai University last afternoon when she danced to Rang de Basanti with youngsters and now she admirably performed the Koli dance Steps…..clearly the Obamas were enjoying and for a few minutes must have blanked out thoughts of the US economic and political woes and other weighty issues

Just a thought….am trying to imagine if our President,Mrs Pratibha Patil and our PM,Mr Manmohan Singh would do this !  

Maybe it’s time India needs younger Heads of State

Cheers !


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