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Sad Saturday…India wakes up to an Air India Tragedy at Mangalore….We will survive Sensex crashes everytime…but How do we survive such Air Tragedies…even when we’re not aboard!

At @ 6 am this morning as I was getting up to a Saturday Life, 166 aboard an Air India Flight from Dubai to Managalore in South India were Landing to their Death !

…Apparently the Plane overshot the Tricky 8000 feet Table Top Runway atop a Hill and cracked up after landing a went up in flames as it descented into the Valley….. As I blog this late afternoon, bodies were yet being pulled out, many charred beyond recognition…. Miraculously seems eight have cheated Death and survived… some have been recounting the crashlanding on media channels…. how, because the plane broke up, gaping holes were created, through which they jumped out!

You can survive Sensex Crashes time and again… but how does one survive such Air Tragedies, even when one is not even aboard !…. I feel helpless….. can only pray for the souls of all those who perished… Why God !?… even Infants who were too young to even Dream !… but whose parents dreamt for them !

My Wife was shocked and immediately brought alive her own apprehensions whenever she used to land at Mangalore Airport enroute to audit of one of India’s major PSU Bank that is headquartered there… she always used to tell me that the runway was atop a hill and the Plane would land and come to a halt beyond which one could see the surrounding Valley

…It has to be a precision landing… initial media reports suggest the pilot miscalculated and landed 2000 feet beyond actual Touchdown Landing Point… this would mean he had less distance to bring the Plane to a Complete Halt… having realised this he may have tried to abort landing… lost control… and this led to the Tragedy… the real reason will unfold during the Investigations that have already commenced

Life is Precious… every Moment of it… so Live it well and joyously… Tragedies,beyond your control or choice, like these makes you acutely aware of this… and this is the irony and paradox… that a tragedy inspires you to intensify your sensibilities and treasure the Treasure that Life is !

Share the Grief of all those who lost their near and dear ones in this Tragedy…. May the Souls of those who died, rest in peace


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