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SAFE Sailing High in Mauritius

Attending and Addressing a well organised South Asian Federation of Exchanges Capital Markets Conference in Mauritius in the lovely and recently renovated beach property of Hotel Maritim …over 100 Delegates from South Asian Nations…many with their Spouse….Sadly need to be suited and Booted for most part in this beautiful paradise which makes you want to shed off the clothes….maybe I’ll just disappear after Lunch !….like I did yesterday….took a Boat and went out for a few hours to sea….Ah! the Solitude and the Gentle Breeze and a Good Book !….the above Parasailing shot was actually captured by me while out at sea…no Market Volatility to be worried about….Is the Sensex Up or Down !? How are my scrips doing!?…..that can wait a few days!

Back to Reality on Monday

Cheers !


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