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Sat Feb 17 2018~Mumbai Funda Equity Workshop~Taking Stock at Sensex 36000

Hey ! Here’s the Announcement that’s been eagerly awaited for the next Mumbai Fundamental Equity Workshop after Full Houses in June & August 2017

Just Click on it to register

Fundamental MasterClass in Mumbai
Stock Selection ~ Value Vs Price – 2018 ~ Markets Major & Mature ~ Sensex 36000 ~ Taking Stock

Saturday, February 17, 2018

As usual it’s on a Full Saturday .This time on February 17,2018 at my Fort HO in Mumbai.The Investment,inclusive of GST etc, is Rs 18000 or Rs 16200 each for 3 or more registrations from a group

As Limited Seats,do sign up quick for debating & discussing wealth creation & destruction through direct Equity in Indian Listed Companies

We are at all time Highs on the Sensitive Indices with the Sensex at 36000+ & Nifty at 11000+

At my last August 2017 Workshop the Sensex & Nifty were at 32300 & 10000 levels.They’re up 10%+ since then in six months but the magic has been in Specific Scrips which have recorded life changing surges if you were only invested in them !

For illustration when guiding on Valuation with regards to Non Linear Earnings Potential  in the June & August Workshop I had the participants engage in a Valuation exercise for half an hour on Bombay Dyeing at Rs 70 to Rs 82 levels & draw conclusions with some convictions.It raced away to Rs 300 & it’s now at Rs 250 levels ~ yet over 200% inside six months…of course Markets have been kind too in this period

In the August Workshop we played out a 20% CAGR scenario over 5 years to explain the Magic of Compounding.We used Yuken at Rs 1877 as an illustration taking into account it’s financials,past,present & future potential.If at 5 years in 2022 it would reach Rs 4670 it would give this 20% CAGR.It’s up 150% absolute touching Rs 4700 today inside 6 months ! …Life Changing Wealth Creation in Equity is simply the Magic of Compounding in a right Selection based on the Valuation leg of the Equity Table

What Now? What Next?

Bank of America thinks Sensex will slide & close at 32000 end 2018 ….Of course in 2015 they had forecast it would be 54000 ! yes ! 54000 by end 2018 ! & Ambit thinks we are in the last stage of the Rally ~ but they’ve been remarkably bearish all of 2017 & am sure their clients must have missed the 2017 gravy train in Equities ~ While Many think we are in a huge Bull Rally for Years to come & one even has called 35000 as the new Sensex Bottom ~ Should we care about what they think ?

Or should we simply care about how to grow serious wealth through direct equity in Indian Markets & protect it while growing it ? That’s what this Workshop is about

Top Down? Bottom Up?

Value Vs Price

Four Legs that hold up the Equity Table ~ Valuation,Momentum,Sentiment & Liquidity ~ How to read these currently & going forward

Why would you buy a scrip at a 100 PE ! ~ Asking or Telling?

IPOs ~ Quality & Quantity ~ Pricing & Pedigree

Investing ~ Gurus,Themes,Mindsets,Approaches,Strategies,Fundas & of course Mistakes !

Asset Allocation

Bitcoin ? Yah or Nah!?

Touchbase on a Touchline

Tactical weightage ~ Why & When?

Shutting out Noise

Making rational & sound  & gainful Interpretations from Data that will impact Share Price~be it subjective or objective ~ be it change in management or ownership or  changing sector or company dynamics ~ be it Earnings assumptions or  Asset Monetisations ~ be it change in Capital Structure through a Restructuring Exercise & Schemes of Arrangements or through Buy Backs,Preferential & Rights Issues,Set offs etc

Look Forward to yet again a healthy & happy Saturday ,February 17,2018 with the participants where Wealth of Monies & Wealth of Minds should move in Tandem & we together continue to evolve as better Investors & more importantly better people as we go through why & how to evolve Multidisciplinary & interconnecting Investing Mindsets while assessing Value Vs Price on at least 25 Companies

As one participant said “Your Workshop is a better Wealth Creator than Insider Trading!”

& yet another this last Christmas ” “Ur our Santa sir,as long as you’re with us no need of Santa”  

Humbling & Oh ! we all do need a Santa !

🙂 See you at the Workshop & hope you win at least one of the rewards on offer for the Corporate Tambola or for best Interaction or for an interesting answer or….!

Cheers !


2 thoughts on “Sat Feb 17 2018~Mumbai Funda Equity Workshop~Taking Stock at Sensex 36000”

  1. Hi Gaurav,
    When are you planning for the next session? Any tentative dates or venue details in mind?


    1. Gaurav Parikh

      Hi Chitra…just back in Mumbai after nearly two months…am planning one for Saturday August 4,2018 in Mumbai at my Fort HO…will announce shortly…do try and make it from Bengaluru…Cheers

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