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Saturday Equity Workshop~You Guys Rocked! Now Go Rock the Markets!

Saturday,February 17,2018  Fundamental Value Vs Price Equity Workshop in Mumbai

You Guys Rocked! Now Go Rock the Markets! ~ for what’s Academics & Theory without Action & Application

Full House with all pretty knowledgeable & many market veterans from Mumbai,Dubai,Sangli,Kolhapur,Hyderabad,Thrissur & Gokak~from small Investors to High Networth ~from Broking,Corporate,PSU,MNC Banks,MNC IT companies & FPI fraternity too…from a confident 25 year old to a 60 year old who has seen it all & wants to see some more !

Great Interaction literally from 9 am to 9 pm ! & the Bulls remained alive & kicking on & around the Conference Room table throughout !

We covered them all & more!~Valuing on Assets & Earnings & assessing against Market Price ! ~ Demergers  & Delistings  & Rights &  Non Linear Earnings & Holdings & Acquisitions & New Parentage & Turnarounds & Changing Dynamics in Sectors & Themes like in PSU Banks again! & the GST Impact…& of course hopelessly hanging on to Wealth Destroyers & even averaging in them over the years !

Where are the Sensex & Nifty headed in the coming years…should we be bothered about them & other Macros or simply continue focusing bottom up on specific selections for serious wealth creation…Passive or Active Investing…we discussed all

We covered  Investor Gurus Warren Buffett & Peter Lynch & Investor Mistakes of Confirmation Bias,Anchoring & Improper Framing among others…how Multi disciplinary thinking evolves ones into a better person & investor

Corporate Tambola too was fun with prizes for three full houses & instant chocolates to those who correctly guessed the companies…A Special Praise for Hemal,who had enquired if this workshop would be for Beginners,& turned out guessing many companies !

Some other prizes too for some fabulous answers…like the hilarious one from Daya that I should seek another session,this time one to one ,with the pretty girl who had emailed me a query to clear a concept which was not a financial one…she had asked my views on whether Marriage was necessary in modern times & should not ‘live in’ be good enough ! Daya’s response brought the house down!

Chowdhary from ONGC lucidly explained his views on ONGC going forward

Vijay Desai,a clear market veteran, won  for being the best participant with some great interaction right throughout

The Magic & Miracle of Compounding & Picking Winners & the Temperament to withstand Drawdowns & Thinking Long Term & Discipline of Asset Allocation…& that Valuation is the strongest leg of the Equity Table & not to get unduly influenced by the other leg of Liquidity that drives the two remaining legs of Sentiment & Momentum…in that we’ve seen the market run ahead of fundamentals often in recent times driven by  FPI Inflows & now record MF Inflows=>Demonetisation Cause & Effect?

Pratheesh came in from Thrissur for a record fifth consecutive workshop & deserved a special Memento yet again.Murtaza flew in from Dubai for his fourth workshop in the last five held…he’s working out a plan to hold one in Dubai now for me….a few others too were repeat participants…they register early on workshop announcement…earlier workshops have worked for them clearly… acknowledge them as being the best stamp of approval…thank you guys…Mayuri,Roydon,Mayuresh,Daya,Hitesh,Pravin,Mohamed Ali,Sanjay

Welcomed interaction with first timers Hemal,Gautam,Sameer,Chowdhury,Vijay,Rao,Pravin,Abhinay & Abhijeet

Here’s some of the instant feedback

”   Finding a multi-bagger is nice, having someone like Gaurav Parikh guide you on the journey… Priceless! “

“…attend his workshops to learn how valuations operate, what might destroy your wealth and what companies could snowball your investment if you have courage and conviction. And most important you’ll understand why! Investment is not Housie or Triple Pool. There’s logic and discipline and Gaurav will share both with you “

“…indeed refreshing to meet with you”

“…it was a super duper fun filled educational get-together…u rock”

“Thanks a lot buddy for a knowledgeable session”

“great fun & exciting discussions…thanks Gaurav sir”

“Thank you for this wonderful,enjoyable,knowledgeable workshop sir…Jeena has become my Jaan no doubt ,a new family”

” It was really good”

Here are clicks from the Workshop & the Lunch Buffet enjoyed by all

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Equity Workshop~You Guys Rocked! Now Go Rock the Markets!”

  1. Indeed it was my fifth rocking Saturday that too in a row and obviously my personal stamp of approval to Gaurav Sir’s inimitable style of presenting fundamental concepts … Have never seen anyone showing the darness to find value in a penny stock to explain the concept of Asset potential even when the Earnings is zero and that too in a beaten down sector on the expectation that it’s Non Linear Earning potential ie. unexpected income will improve and the sector will revive due to current Macro global factors going forward. … assessing what will happen when strong takes over the weak … Justifying the beaten down valuations by comparing it with the strong peers ….finding value in a beaten down stock is something very remarkable which I have found unique in him …thank you sir for making us learn how to value stock on the basis of its asset potential and also for the wonderful memento yet again !

    1. Hi Satish,had one is September 2016 in Bengaluru at Hotel Chancery…no immediate plans but you never know as quite a few enquiries from there…if you can rustle up at least 20 participants for one Saturday post June 2018 let me know…the last one in Mumbai last month was a Day long Masterclass at Rs 18000 per participant incl GST…check out for more…Cheers,Gaurav

  2. Nice workshop post! After reading this, I would love to attend markets workshop like this. Please let us know about the future workshops. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Gaurav Parikh

      Hi Shikhar…just back in Mumbai after nearly two months…am planning one for Saturday August 4,2018 in Mumbai at my Fort HO…will announce shortly…do try and make it…Cheers

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