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Saturday Fundamental Equity Workshop ~ Tambola & Time just Flew!

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It was a wonderful Saturday for all of us ~ a Full House ~Time just Flew!

The Mumbai Equity Workshop on Wealth Destroyers having the Potential to bounce back kicked off at 9.30 am stretched into 7 pm…began with a Tambola or Housie where they had to guess the Wealth Destroying company on the questions posed & strike off the name if it’s there on their Ticket…In fact each pulled out a question & posed it for all…Prizes for Jaldi 3 & Two Full Houses & a question Bank on 25 companies…like “Chor ! Chor!” & they got it ! ~ Kingfisher Airlines ! or Ethopian Counsel yet destroyed his Company  &  promptly the answer shot back “Karuturi”! Chocolates were given for each correct answer too while I spoke a minute or two on each company & how it was destroyed & whether it can revive

Covered Valuation,Sentiment,Momentum & Liquidity…the power of Compounding for Wealth Creation…FPI Flows Impact…Impact of Global & Domestic Economic & Geo-Political Head & Tail winds…the impact of three leading rates~inflation,interest & exchange….how to protect capital while growing it through the discipline of asset allocation & when to adopt tactical strategies & staying true to ones’ risk profile

…& if convinced on Equity & India…showed them why they should be…then should you go for passive index investing through Mutual Funds Schemes & be content with CAGRs of 10% to 15% over the years or should you go directly into Equity for specific selections for potential of higher gains…& why the latter should be your strategy…& why Fundamental rather than Technical Approach…& not to mistake luck for skills in such bullish markets

Tea & Coffee & a variety of Cold Beverages & Biscuits & Wafers were served through the day & we had to switch from a Copper Chimney Lunch Buffet arranged to a Soup,Salads,Sandwich & Desserts Buffet at Pizza By the Bay as the former’s kitchen had grappled with a fire the previous day & was closed on Saturday

Must Thank the Full House with Participants coming in specially from Dubai,Malaysia,Delhi,Cochin & Ichikaranji too…there were a few repeats from earlier workshops in Bangalore & Mumbai ~ take that as a thumbs up!…gratifying that within three to four days days of announcing this workshop end May 2017,it got full…surely Sensex at 31000+ and climbing has something to do with this ! 🙂

It was about Macros & Markets & Money Destroyers & Creators & the participants interacted brilliantly asking searching questions while lapping up various Valuation Parameters…discussing & debating whether the Nifty can really touch 30000 in 5 years from current 9600 levels & where would the Sensex be !….showed them the assumptions on Earnings Growth & PE ratings & expectations of Capex building up, in a lower interest era …whether a correction is imminent in the short term before the movement upwards….all,except one, called a higher Sensex at March 31,2018

Had a general touchline of 132 Scrips and a few other specific themed touchlines too and Valuation Grids & Assessment Support through Annual Reports & Notifications & Presentations for quite a few

The next Full Day Fundamental Workshop is scheduled in Mumbai on Saturday, August 5,2017 & the Template should be put up shortly…we have 10 confirmations already though,a few from this Workshop itself !  🙂 Those interested can convey on [email protected] or await the announcement & online payment facility on

There are a certainly a few pointers we can improve on especially on what to cover & how much time to allocate for it,but was humbled by this feedback from the participants through email, whatsapp & even facebook !…especially touched by the highlighted phrase

” Had a wonderful day…your insights & views were very nice…thanks for everything”

“indeed a great learning & educational experience….totally luv your analysis of stocks….looking forward to the next one”

“Always fortunate to attend…get motivated by your knowledge & the attitude  you carry with…thanks for sharing your knowledge & helping people like me to grow better”

“…more than satisfied…happy…indeed it was a great Saturday”

“Enlightening & Productive”

“One thing is sure.It is not for Money for u I am sure…I do attend paid workshops n never seen this type of welcome…I am sure now in investment if i get stuck up or I am looking for genuine help I am surely going to knock at your door”

“…absolutely loved the workshop…helped me see the macro picture of how markets move in relation to GDP.You also demonstrated so convincingly the value in sound,fact based valuations.Personally,you’ve helped me make the mental leap from fear to confident investing,balanced by caution by keeping an eye on asset allocation.Very very grateful for that.The icing on the cake was your humour,incredible knowledge,ability to connect dots while connecting with people”

“…thought provoking Investment Seminar conducted in Gaurav’s inimitable style…Examined macro indicators, bases of valuation, critical data on a large slew of companies and a number of potential winning ideas. Interesting and enjoyable Tambola based on today’s wealth destroyers got everyone animated.”

“Many Thanks to all the Wealth of Knowledge.Would love to attend your August Seminar”

Truly Happy all enjoyed & many have committed for the Saturday ,August 5,2017 workshop too in Mumbai for which the Valuation Theme for the Value Vs Price assessments  will be 20-20 & 2020 denoting short term & longer term

Should be fun but may have to change location from my Fort Office Conference Room to accommodate more

Cheers !




8 thoughts on “Saturday Fundamental Equity Workshop ~ Tambola & Time just Flew!”

  1. Had wonderful time @ workshop,found some one as passionate as i am about stocks,macros,valuations,wonderful hospitality,never felt like workshop felt more like talking and exchanging knowledge with Friends.

    1. Gaurav Parikh

      🙂 Glad to have had you Rupin…as veterans,your market & investing experience along with that of Suresh Bhansali added depth to the participants…Cheers,Gaurav

  2. Had a wonderful time ,found workshop most informative , gained lot of knowledge and insights, , thank to Gauravji , look forward to further interaction

  3. see u on 5/8/17, try to book a bigger hall @ some place so more can participate and gain from your knowledge and experience Gauravbhai.

  4. Pratheesh menon

    Just now reached Kerala ~ had a long sea view drive from Hanging Garden to Navy Nagar ~ enjoyed one full week in Mumbai after your wonderful workshop ~ Again Sir you Rocked & it was my fortune to attend your wonderful workshop that too three times in a row ~ thank you for keeping the payment gateway open only for me even after it became a Full House for the w’shop ~ it is your simplicity, down to earth nature & great FUNDA knowledge ( how to value a stock so precisely ) made me motivated to attend your w’shop again and again & i hope in future also, I will be able to attend your w’shop ~ Every w’shop is so unique that, this time i learned how to relate GDP forecast with Corporate earnings, EPS & PE and how to find value in beaten down stocks. ~ also fortunate in meeting old w’shop friends like Murtaza & Kanwar from Dubai, Bina & Vishal from Delhi & Roydon from Mumbai and sharing their experience with mine was indeed a great experience !!! ~ and also in associating with new friends like Mohamedali from Dubai ( who gave me great stock ideas !!! ), Gaurav Sir’s Sister, Nirmal Kumar from Kolhapur, Riddhi Vyas & Buavik from Mumbai which added depth to my knowledge ~ more than satisfied ~ truly happy ~ indeed it was a great saturday !!!

  5. Delighted & Honoured Pratheesh,to have you at the workshops…you lighten up proceedings too :-)….you’re surely on your way to beating the global record of attending multiple workshops of a single person…see you at the Aug 5th one too in Mumbai :-)…Cheers,Gaurav

    1. Pratheesh Menon

      Thank you so much Sir for the kind words… Indeed I am honoured and blessed to be part of your wonderful workshop… and surely one day I will beat the world record… No matter what may come on my way !!!

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