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Sensex and Stocks are correcting and here I am sensing and stocking up on ‘Undhiyu’ !

Sensex and Stocks are correcting and here I’m sensing and stocking up on the Season’s first ‘Undhiyu’!

Sensex is down to 19500 levels…. over 400 points today and over 1500 points from 21000 recently

….and I’m relishing the Season’s first ‘Undhiyu’!….it’s a winter seasonal Gujarati vegetarian dish…yes I’m a grass eater….as the major ingredient of surti papdi ( green beans) is typically winter seasonal….Other Ingredients are purple yam,potatoes,sweet potatoes,baby brinjals,raw banana,fresh green garlic,lilwa dana,tuver dana,fresh green peas and ‘ fresh methi muthias’….the  lavish Oil and the elaborately prepared Fresh Masala are the two other keys to a successful ‘Undhiyu’….I personally avoid the Brinjals,the Yam,the Banana  and the Sweet Potatoes and relish the Papdi,Potatoes,Lilwa  and Tuver Danas and Methi Muthias and the rich Oily Gravy…there are quite a few versions including a garlic free Jain one and a healthy baked one and some  that exclude an ingredient or two…..Traditionally had with ‘Puris’…but today had to make do with some fresh,hot and soft ghee chapatis

… family and relatives are experts in making ‘Undhiyu’….but it is a tedious and lengthy making process….and Mumbaikars have no Time….. and so a Mumbai alternative is to order it from reputed Gujarati Thali eateries…’s was from Golden Star Thali at Charni Road in South Mumbai….Rs 150 for half a kilo for 1/2 persons and Rs 300 for One Kilo for 2/3 even 4 persons….they did not have Puris so ordered their Chapatis at Rs 6 a piece….had instructed them to avoid loading the Brinjals,Yam and Banana…..was quite tasty,although,actually because the ‘Undhiyu’ was floating in half a kilo of Oil !…check them out on  ……. the other famous Gujarati Thali eatery,many of us swear by,including me, Thakers Bhojanalaya, tucked away in a lane in the noisy and populated Kalbadevi Area in South Mumbai makes a great ‘Undhiyu’ too….but they have yet to begin offering it this winter

Ah!!!…’Undhiyu’ is Life !….makes you want to Live to Eat !

Cheers !….have a Great Weekend….and have some rich and traditional ‘Undhiyu’ (not the baked  and no oil version) with some hot,soft and fresh ‘Puris’  

Now need to do an extra ten minutes on the walk or jog or treadmill…and that would be in total a full ten minutes of exercise !….going from Zero to Ten !




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