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Sensex drops 15.95% and near 2000 points this week to close at 10528

From a Sensex close of 12526.32 on Friday, October 3,2008,it has plunged another 15.95%  and 1998.47 points to close today at 10527.85…In fact today itself it lost 801 points.This is keeping in tandem with similar and worse falls in all World Markets this week too

Now this is what I’m waiting for !…another 2000 points fall next week !…that will bring us into a zone of 8000 to 8500…and some mouth watering prices in selected fundamental scrips to consider tasting into despite IIP Growth Shockers released earlier today for August yoy ( See earlier blog today)  

I may just release the List of Such Selected Stocks to Clients this weekend with my suggested Distress Price  levels to Buy into


2 thoughts on “Sensex drops 15.95% and near 2000 points this week to close at 10528”

  1. Hi Kumar,

    Glad you’re reading the Blog and responding too

    To answer your question..No I shall not be launching the List on this Blog…Would not be fair to clients whose portfolios I advise on

    Many swear by us for past great baggers like Mercator and Matrix…many swear at us too for those that went awry !

    All Clients are Blog Readers but not All Blog Readers are Clients

    Clients are advised personally and through various Scriptech Email Communications..Scriptech Scramble,Scriptech Stock Select,Scriptech Scan,Scriptech Standpoint etc

    The Blog covers macro issues but often you may find a stock idea that I like …IFCI for example…it’s Distress Price is fast approaching

    However I do try and warn Readers of Companies that are giving me negative vibes…HOV being a recent example and Silverline being an earlier one

    Ofcourse if you have any query or want to highlight on any capital market related issue or even a company you feel other blog readers may benefit from knowing about,either to consider Investment or even warn about…let me know and I’ll check it out for you and may offer my views on this Blog for wider viewership

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