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Sensex Record Rise to tease 22000 & General Elections ~ A Corelation !?

Sensex Record Rise & General Elections ~ A Corelation !?

Is our Sensex now being Index Managed as soon as General Elections Dates were announced for April and May 2014 !?

Are Market Gains Route again being adopted by a crony nexus to create funding for political parties !?

You be the judge after reviewing a few pointers and charts that have been carried   in our SCRIP STANDPOINT Module as below

Week Ending March 07, 2014 ~ Record Sensex :Corelated to General Elections!? ~ 07-Mar-2014

Urge caution in trading and speculating in the short term though remain optimistic over the long term

Consider hedging short term positions at least or taking trading and speculative profits off the table

This is not to scare you and get you all cynical or justify it on Equities …but many Global Fund Managers are increasingly sounding the alarm because of Obama & Fed Policies

There’s a Warning from Hedge Fund Manager Mark Spitznagel that Stocks will collapse 50% in 2014…he is supported too by Marc Faber who says we’re in a massive financial asset bubble that may burst anytime



1 thought on “Sensex Record Rise to tease 22000 & General Elections ~ A Corelation !?”

  1. Sir,

    60% of the insurance premium gets collected in month of march…..people holding those ULIP’s will pay premium irrespective of market valuations…….I too hold (loss making )


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