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Sensex trying to resist Dow Pressure…reluctant to go below 14000…don’t get fooled by any rally

On Cue,following Dow’s 2.08% fall yesterday,the Sensex opened lower this morning at 13861.60 only to quickly regain ground to cross 14000…Don’t get taken in by any rally…remember it surged to 18000 after dropping below 14000 earlier this year…there is going to be some more pain as financial earthquakes will continue to rock USA and cause severe aftershocks worldwide….economic and political spoilers are clearly strong and they yet have to play out their full strength

It’s too risky to play the Sensex or Nifty..the uncertainty and nervousness and volatility are clearly visible……if at all you want to beat the trend adopt the bottom up approach by zeroing on selectively on certain scrips that are poised to surge based on specific circumstances and events….Zandu for example has more than doubled inside a month from Rs 6000 levels to Rs 16000 levels as promoters are aggressively increasing their holding to stave off hostile takeover bid from the Emami Group


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