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Sesa Goa !….. Blog Readers who acted would have benefited immensely…468 % returns in seven months !…I bet you’ll waiting for which is my next ‘Sesa Goa’!

I’ve been backing Sesa Goa …but when it fell dramatically to Rs 60-70 in March this year,I cried hoarse to bring in more funds to add to holdings

Then on June 17,2009,I reiterated to Stay with Sesa Goa and add on declines …it was Rs 200 then

Then on August 12,2009 I reassured bloggers that the increased Mining Royalty will be absorbed well by Sesa Goa and they would make monies on increased volumes and the 10% correction to Rs 228 that day should not worry investors

Sesa Goa surged 18% yesterday to close strong at Rs 341…This is a  fantastic return of 468 % from the March low of Rs 60….all in just seven months !

And for all those who bought it mid last year cum 1:1 bonus and 10:1 split have made a 100 % profit on the adjusted price of Rs 160-Rs 170

I bet all of you are itching to know when I’ll hint my next ‘Sesa Goa’ type of recommendation!…In Feb,I hinted Firstsource Solutions at Rs 9…..It’s up over 275 % at Rs 34 now ! Clients ofcourse have the privileged and prior access to my stock ideas and me

Fundamentals and Valuations rarely let you down over the longer term

Why don’t you’ll seriously consider joining my advisory…make no promises….let the performance speak for itself….but don’t expect three digit returns in three days !……the link is at the top of pages on the right

Cheers !


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