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Should I too demand PADMA !?

PADMA Awards ~ Wrestler Sushil Kumar has been recommended for it,Shuttler Saina Nehwal raised her voice for it and now Pugilist Vijender Singh too is demanding it

The Controversies over  the criteria and timing of recognition for awarding India’s highest civilian Honours continues….

In a lighter vein :

Me to Wife : Darling I think I too will seek PADMA ~ Sushil Kumar wrestled for it,Saina Nehwal shuttled for it and now Vijendra Singh is punching for it 

Wife : You can’t even manage me ,what you’ll manage PADMA !…moreover what have you achieved !? they  are all Sporting Celebrities

Me :  I may not be a Celebrity but I’m Sporting and have we not celebrated 25 years of togetherness ! ~ t’s a great achievement !

On a serious note :

These controversies arise because the recognition & selection criteria for bestowing these acclaimed and coveted awards is not above board in all respects

More often than not it’s not the Sports & Arts &  Other Celebrities who are at fault even though it’s sad that many have to demand when they actually command such recognition at the highest levels when striving to  attain the highest heights and win laurels for India

Sadly many deserving have to lobby the undeserving Politicians and Bureacrats in the Ministries for these awards

Sadly all of this tends to dilute the  valuation and grand stature of these Awards


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