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Simplicity & Freshness Invigorates Weekend

It’s been a Weekend with Soul & Solitude ~ Simplicity & Freshness Invigorating the Mind,Body & Soul ~ Being one with Nature ~Breathing in the  Rain,the Sea,the Grass,Wet Mud and Plants ~ and Corn !

Spend a Quiet relaxing Evening in the Library and picked up three books to read ~ Stephen Frey’s Financial Thriller  ‘ The Day Trader”,Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman’s Non Fictional ‘Thinking,fast and slow’ and Vince Flynn’s Thriller ‘American Assassin’

Followed by a Spaghetti Dinner with the regular duo crooning Top Soulful English Hits from the 1950’s and 1960’s !

And this Sunday Morning fed my ‘Pets’ ~ Squirrels and Parrots and Sparrows and Pigeons and even Crows ! ~earlier than usual with their usual rice grains and then fed myself ! my Sunday Breakfast ! ~Refreshingly Simple & Fresh ~  just Corn picked off  a Fresh Cob ,that I picked up at Rs 10 yesterday, and simply sauted in a bit of butter ,salt and lemon ~ There’s a Heavenly Connect between Corn and Rain

Weekends should always be like this !

Life should always be like this ! ~ The Choice is always Yours to find Soul & Solitude in your Space after a Hectic Week

As the old Proverb goes ” A Sunday well spent brings a Week of Content”

Have a Great Sunday & Week ahead


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