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Sinecure…… a Paid Job requiring little or no work… a Judge gets one on retirement as a quid pro quo !?

Sinecure….. A Paid Job requiring little or no work

Now wouldn’t all of us just love a Sinecure !

Have come across this word several times and recently here in the Editorial of the Monday,August 2,2010 Edition of the Mumbai Tabloid, The Afternoon & Despatch Courier

It reveals that a few years ago, a Delhi High Court Judge, in what would appear to have to be a quid pro quo, was given a Sinecure, on retirement, in a quasi judicial body by the CM of Delhi because he squashed suo motu the Bofors FIR and lavished praise on our late PM, Rajiv Gandhi

The same article reveals that the Supreme Court Judge who signed the Order for CBI to close out the Shorabuddin Sheikh Investigation by a certain deadline was actually acused by the CBI itself for being a beneficiary of the Provident Funds Scam that rocked the Ghaziabad Courts…. seems he was exonerated just before retirement and CBI removed his name from the List of those who ought to be penalised for the PF Scam !….. shamming what the Congress Spokesmen have been ad nauseam repeating recently on Media News Channels that this is not a Vendetta against the Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi but this CBI Investigation is directed by the Supreme Court !… and Congress has nothing to do with it !

Mind you , I hold no brief for any one here….. No one’s a Saint here….. but I’ve always held that if it were not for our Judiciary and Media,our Politicians and Bureaucrats would have sold off even our Qutb Minar !….. Sadly and Dangerously too this View has been shaken in recent times

I’m sure there are many more instances of quid pro quo Sinecure !


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