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Smashing Weekend…begins with Sensex closing on 18/2/11 at 18/2/11…Cricket World Cup beginning with a thumping India win….and Fun at a Family Wedding

It’s been a smashing weekend……

….Sensex closed on Friday 18/2/11 at 18211….and I prefer to believe it’s not a coincidence !

…..The Cricket World Cup begins with India and Sehwag smashing Bangla Desh in the first Match…Sehwag scoring 175 !…and Virat Kohli being the first Indian to score a century on World Cup Debut as India,being put into bat, piled on a record 370 runs…Before the Match began and as our National Anthem played and the Camera panned close ups of each Team Member it was amusing to see Dhoni with a smart haircut and clean shaven while Tendulkar was unshaven…the whole Indian team looked like Warriors ready for Battle…Mean and ruthless…with a killer instinct…they clearly want to be crowned the World Champions in this World Cup…and a steely determination showed on their faces

 …..and we had a Grand Family Wedding….my niece took the plunge into matrimony….the Festivities in Traditional style continued over three days beginning with Mehendi and Mosala with Raas and Garba and then some more freestyle frentic  Dancing with a live renowned Gujarati Lady Singer and her Troup in attendance….then there was the Sangeet and Cocktails & Dinner Night…and this was real fun and we came home exhausted at 4 am ! on Sunday morning….In a 45 minute Performance, that began with a lovely Ganesha Stuti, and compered by my aunt and me, the whole Family,close relatives and Friends of the Bride and Bridegroom danced choreographed Bollywood Songs…..The Theme was Pre Wedding,During Wedding and Post Wedding….and all of us have been rehearsing,under the retained and trained and watchful eye of a young lady choreographer, for the past month in the nights till past midnight…atleast twice a week to begin with and then every day last week for this !….and then unrehearsed dancing with a well known DJ belting out super bollywood remixes and originals non stop for five to six hours !…Phew !….legs were killing ! and only the ritual Sunday morning massage relieved the tiredness and aches….and last evening was the Wedding in all it’s traditional splendour….Pundit,pheras et all…. followed immediately by the reception……

…..Now We need a Vacation !…..but Wife reminds me of our School Motto…yes we do go back all the way  to school !….that ‘Work is Worship !’…she is really kicked that the humurous Pundit who conducted the wedding stated that no husband should take any decision without consulting his wife !

Cheers !      


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