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Some Inspiring Lord Ganesha’s enroute Visargan

Ganpati Bappa Morya ! Pudchya Varshi Lavkar Ya !

Some Inspiring Lord Ganesha’s enroute Visargan  on Wednesday,September 18,2013 ~ this was the first time in over a month and a half I was allowed to go out for around an hour to soak in the atmosphere outside home ~ Wife and Children and I ventured out at 9.45 pm for a drive to see the Glory of Visargan ~ the Traffic was definitely much less than in previous years ~ even at the buzzing Chowpatty

Here are some Lord Ganesha’s captured by me on my mobile as the Processions head towards Chowpatty beach for Immersing the Idol

I was so tempted to get out of the car and join in the celebrations ~ what held me back is my health that needs to recover fully yet and of course my watchdog family who would have driven me straight home if I even had voiced the intention ! 🙂

In September 2008,my wife and I had ventured out early morning to be blessed by Lalbaugcha Raja and other Lord Ganesha’s  as they were led for Immersion at Chowpatty Beach ~ we were trully blessed and we captured several inspiring pictures,some of which I have posted as a page on this blog ~ have a look here

Lord Ganesha Visarjan 2008 – Lalbaugcha Raja & Others – 15 Sept 2008

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Many in Family & Friends were blessed to get a personal Darshan of Lalbaugcha Raja this year and many conveyed that they had prayed for my good health and fast recovery to the Lord ~ touched by this gesture

Ganpati Bappa Morya ! Pudchya Varshi Lavkar Ya !

Bappa Morya Rey ! Bappa Morya Rey ! Morya Rey ! Bappa Morya Rey !


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