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Some Wednesday Wanderings….Varun Gandhi,Sanjay Dutt and CNN-IBN

It’s Wednesday April 1,2009….mid week and Fools Day to boot !

How jittery we have become…a friend called early morning,screaming put on the News!…Jumped out of Bed to do so….only to be April Fooled !…Nothing really ‘Breaking News”

But what was on News was

  •  Varun Gandhi being shifted to ETAH Jail from  that of Pilibhit for security reasons….just wondered..ETAH is the reverse of HATE ! and Varun Gandhi is in trouble because of making inflammatory speeches and stirring communal tension  
  • Sanjay Dutt and Amar Singh blaming the UPA Government and a senior cabinet minister,not naming him, for threatening that Dutt’s Bail would be cancelled…all because yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that Dutt could not contest for the Lok Sabha Elections as he was convicted in the 1992 Mumbai Bomb Blast Issues and sentenced to six years in Jail,but is currently out on Bail……My strong thoughts are,regardless of my thoroughly enjoying Sanjay Dutt in the “Munnabhai” Movies, the Supreme Court has upheld very valid and moral principles and not set a bad precedent by making this decision….and with Dutt and Amar Singh blaming UPA and Congress for this judgement and calling the CBI,the Congress Bureau of Investigation, is an insult to the Highest Court of our land and questions their  Independent functioning in making such a judgement !…It is CBI’s legal obligation to contest Dutt’s Appeal ! What was Dutt expecting !? CBI to dilute their arguments !? This is unacceptable and irresponsible behaviour on part of Dutt and Amar Singh…On one hand,Dutt says he accepts the judgement and will abide by…does he have a choice !…and on the other he casts aspersions too !
  • A pretty face news reader just before 10 am on CNN-IBN was forecasting that the Sensex was expected to open strong in the morning,continuing it’s gains of 140 points made yesterday…When yesterday’s Sensex flashed on screen ,she said, on cue, it has opened strong by 140 points…but quickly realised this was yesterday’s closing and said so !…trouble is that the Sensex actually opened down over 100 points only too recover much later !…A news reader’s job is merely to read the news ! not air her thoughts on what may or may not happen !…she is simply unqualified to do so,even if the Dow closed higher yesterday or other Asian Markets have opened strong ! 


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