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Son blackjacks to 21 today……and auspiciously Glorious Sunshine salutes him in Mumbai after three really Wet days

Cheers Son !…on your turning 21 in 2 0 1 0  

Cut out the 0’s and live the Positives as auspiciously Glorious Sunshine salutes you after Mumbai has experienced three continous Wet days….It’s got to be a promising sign !…..the Sun’s Rays are God’s Blessings being showered down on you

And you are my sure shot Investing Theme with record Multibagger Potential !….measurable  not just by Wealth of Money……

Remember that the Purpose of Life is to Live a Life of Purpose….and Live Fearlessly…all the Power to Achieve is within you…..Playing out Life and Blackjack 21 can be very entertaining and addicting…but Blackjack is Pure Gambling while Life should not be so,although you must roll the dice to get a  six and sail your ship on the Ocean rather than be sheltered always in the harbour ! 

Love you Lots….you are my always there for you….but if you ever message me ” Can’t afford a Girlfriend…No Mon,No Fun,Your Son !”….you know my reply ” Too Bad,How Sad,Your Dad !”

Cheers Son !….you can now get legally married without my consent !



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