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Stanley Druckenmiller warns of an Endgame in Equities ~ He’s into Gold

Stanley Druckenmiller

Stanley Druckenmiller warns of an Endgame in Equities ~ He’s into Gold 

He makes out quite a compelling case for an endgame in Equities with this address earlier this month at the celebrated Annual Sohn Investor Conference of Hedge Fund Managers

He’s a self made Billionaire famous largely for the US $ One Billion Gains made in quick time in 1992 when he was with George Soros & they shorted the Pound

His own Fund Duquesne gave reportedly average returns of 30% from 1986 to 2010 when he converted it into a Family Office as he feared he could not continue giving good returns

He’s greatly nervous about the financial leveraging that continues in US & China &  has been critical of the US Fed & it’s Governors for over a decade now

The Fed has borrowed more from future consumption than ever before…..While policymakers have no end game, markets do.”

He supports his nervousness with compelling statistics

  • The  US Total  Credit Market Debt  as a % of GDP is 350%
  • The Net Debt vs Operating Cash Flow shows a current 5 year divergence like never before post World War II
  • The above Indicating that Corporate Debt was not used productively for R & D & Capex but rather for BuyBacks & M & A

He is nervous about China & Japan both

Worth Noting his Views


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