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Starbucks to serve Beer & Wine too now in USA…India maybe later!?

🙂  Soon Starbucks will be serving Beer & Wine after 4 pm ….in USA

😀 Would that roll out over the years to India too ! giving full meaning to their JV Partners and listed Tata Global Beverages !?

🙄 Mixed Feelings if this really happens !…as I currently sit right above Starbucks’  first outlet in India in South Mumbai near the BSE and this would probably lead to on increase in the frequency of Clients visiting ! and our Entertainment Costs increasing too ! 😉

Visualise this……

Starbucks Cafe & Pub ~”A Glass of Beer,Please” ~”.that will be Rs 750 Sir”~”I don’t want the 👿  Bottle” ~ Sir,the Bottle will be Rs 2500 🙂 ~”Oh!” 😳

😛 Anyone for Tea or Coffee ….or Beer or Wine ? ….or Tata Global Beverages for the Long Term @ Rs 141 ?


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