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Stock Markets & the Sensex…Yawn!…Humming Raj Kapoor and his ‘Mera Naam Joker’ song of “Aye bhai jara dekh kay chalo….aage bhi nahi, peeche bhi…. !”

The Sensex is keeping in a small static zone above 16000….Traders and Speculators are Bored..Investors have been bored for some time now !…..Seems only the Brokers and Stock Channels and the plethora of Fundamental and Technical Experts that proliferate and depend on them seem to think that things remain Exciting and Opportunities keep beckoning!…and that “There is Always a Bull Market somewhere “…..Bull

Been humming that Raj Kapoor classic from  his classic ‘Mera Naam Joker’….”Aye Bhai jara dekh kay chalo…aage bhi nahi,peeche bhi,…daaye bhi nahi,baaye bhi…upar bhi nahi,neeche bhi….!”…..Raj Kapoor was a visionary…..and this song was probably inspired by the Sensex !…but Hey ! this movie and the song were born before the Sensex was in 1986,with 1978/79 as the Base Year !

Raj Kapoor was truly a visionary !

Cheers !


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