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Subscription Offer from ‘Tehelka’…Less savings on 3 and 5 year subscription than on 1 Year ! Logic ?

Just received by post from Agni Media Pvt Ltd,an invitation to to subscribe to ‘Tehelka’

It is from Editor-in-Chief,Tarun J Tejpal, who urges me as a concerned citizen to subscribe to’Tehelka’ and walk the journey of a better India with them 

I would gladly,if only I can understand the logic of your subscription as below

For One year I pay Rs 300 for 51 Issues,instead of Rs 765 ……saving 60% and getting a free Flask

For Three years I Pay Rs 1700 for 153 Issues,instead of Rs 2295…..saving just 26% and getting Free a pair of FOCE watches worth Rs2440

For Five Years I pay Rs 2600 for 255 Issues,instead of Rs 3825….saving 32 % and getting Free 1 Electric Kettle + 1 Toaster + 1 FOCE Watch all worth Rs 3720

Normally, to seduce potential subscribers one would offer progressively higher savings for longer Subscription Periods…For  ‘Tehelka’ the annual subscription of Rs 300 is the best alternative unless you want more ‘free’ gifts….apparently the cost of these ‘free’ gifts are covered by lowering the  savings on Three and Five Year Subscriptions

Amusing Marketing Ploy !…is it that you want to first seduce Subscribers into your Fold, Tarun ,and are therefore offering the highest savings of 60%  in the  Rs 300 Annual subscription…as research may have shown that the renewal rate is quite high

Just Curious to know this Marketing Strategy !…obviously there’s some logic !…and not being a Marketing Guy,am pretty naive about it…anybody out there who can apprise me of the Logic ?    


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