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Suzlon or South Indian Bank? What is your Risk Profile?

🙂 Suzlon or South Indian Bank ? Both are in the Rs 25 to Rs 30 Share Price Range

What’s your Risk Profile ?

Suzlon Energy  (FV Rs 2) is a credible  turnaround idea with the entry of Dilip Shanghvi of Sun Pharma but yet has a negative networth and huge debt and losses…displaying a reviving momentum that has nearly trebled Market Cap to currently over Rs 10500 crs in just six months from a low of Rs 11 in late October 2014 to levels of Rs 28/29 today

South Indian Bank (FV Rs 1) is available @ Book at Rs 25 to Rs 27 range …steady with a Market Cap of just over Rs 3500 crs currently….many see it as a Value Idea

Would you consider them for your Equity Portfolio ?…and if Yes would you pick  both or  just one of the two ?

😀 And if you pick just one I’m betting even the Conservative Mindset may go for Suzlon over South Indian Bank !

Aha ! Equity is the place to be….spoilt for choices !

😆 For once I’m tempted to preach not to stay true to your risk Profile….known for being contrarion anyway !

Cheers !


4 thoughts on “Suzlon or South Indian Bank? What is your Risk Profile?”

  1. i would stay very far away from both of them. Suzlon still has a broken business model and and broken balance sheet. SIB on the other hand is sitting on evergreened NPA’s after years of mis management. Both are value traps. There are much better opportunities in the market. Just need to buy good businesses run by good management and supported by tailwind. That is the only way to make money. Not by sieving some ones crap to find nuggets of gold.

  2. thank you gaurav. and i must say i enjoy reading your blog. please keep up the good work. our views at times may differ but it is nice to at least have a conversation.

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