New York based Astrologer,Ashok Motiani predicts a Strong Sensex of 16000 by Feb 2009

In October 1991,Astrologer,Ashok Motiani predicted that the Sensex will crash from February 1992

I have lived 1992 and have vivid memories of it but don’t remember this Astrologer Guy at all !…I am on record in 1992 for predicting a fall in the Sensex because of overstretched valuations and had given a Model Portfolio of 15 stocks that should be adopted…In November 1992 this Portfolio had surged 90% from April 1992 ( The Month the Harshad Mehta BR Scam was first exposed by Sucheta Dalal in the Times of India) while the Sensex had crashed over 30% in the same period 

I used to comment in and write prolificly for all the major Business Magazines and Newspapers at the time and believe me I was in the thick of Stock Action….and this Astrologer was simply not a part of it !

He says he migrated to USA in 1994 and is now based in New York…..Why did he Migrate?…To grow in scale and earn in Dollars ?….His 1992 prediction would have ensured him great success and a Fan following in India

Now he surfaces in 2008 and is quoted and interviewed in mainstream media and says he is the best !

Hindustan Times ‘stars’ ( pun intended ! ) him in it’s November 19,2008 edition.he has predicted that the Sensex will start moving up from December 10,2008 and reach 16000 by end February 2008…that’s a gain of nearly 70% inside three months !

Well ! atleast he’s began well…yesterday was December 10,2008 and the Sensex closed 492 points up at 9655…It closed down a marginal 9 points today though.

So it’s yet not too late to Hop on to the ‘Stars Bandwagon’ and Buy into the Sensex…….if you believe in the ‘Stars’ and that this Astrologer is being guided by them on the Holy trail that will lead you to a ‘God’ly Sensex…just Like they guided the Magi to Lord Jesus ! 

Ashok Motiani says his predictions come through nearly 80% of the time…but this time he is 99% sure that India will outperform the American Economy….Mr Motiani,there are over Six Billion Humans on this Planet Earth…and all of them could have told you this without looking up at the Stars !…The American Economy is in recession and will register a negative rate of growth,while India’s GDP is on target to notch 6.5% to 7.5 % growth this year

If you are referring to performance of the Stock Markets,I hope,Mr Motiani,you do not mean that the Dow will fall by 25% but the Sensex may fall only by 10%…so it has relatively perfromed better !…but ofcourse you have already predicted boldly that the Sensex will seek and surge nearly 70% to 16000 inside three months…so a fall in the Sensex is out of the Question ! read more