Beheading a Human is Barbaric and Inhuman !.Period.India needs to effectively and fast answer Pakistan !.Period.

I don’t care who is lying and engaging in falsehoods and propaganda ~ Pakistan or India ! ~  but Pakistani Soldiers violating a Ceasefire and entering our borders and Beheading Indian Jawans on Patrol is Barbarism of the worst kind ! and a serious and unacceptable breaking of the Geneva Convention

This is not Religion & This is not Human ! ~ Without any justifiable provocation Pakistan soldiers violating the ceasefire and  coming stealthily across the border using the deep forest mist as a cloak and beheading two patrolling Indian Jawans and carrying off back as a Trophy to their land one of the Heads ! ~ Which Holy Book prescribes this !? None ! ~ Indian Military Intelligence has even intercepted communications between Pakistan Soldiers celebrating this ! 

Tit for Tat would be the immediate response by most Indians for this provocation ~ but it is not the solution ~ it would literally blind both Nations ~ but to remain Civil in Uncivil Situations is a difficult proposition

What gives Pakistan the Bravado to Provoke & Lie to India and blatantly demonstrate how barbaric and inhuman some of them in the army really are ! is the fact that  they keep getting away with murder ! as India is pressurised by global powers USA and China to show restraint even after a cowardly 26/11 Terrorist attack on South Mumbai Shores a few years ago

Even today Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar provoked and mocked at India ~revealing her insensitivity and  arrogance saying that the anger of a billion Indians does not deserve a response !  ~ Throws a whole new twist to the perception that she is a Beauty with Brains !~  she is facing some hostility in her own nation for the alleged illicit affair she has had with Bilawal Bhutto

The Bigger Problem is we are dealing with a Terrified Pakistan that is being Talibanised ~ On one Hand we are dealing with Civilian People who wholeheartedly support ” Aman Ki Aasha”  spirit and endeavour with India and on the other   we are dealing with an Army which actually rules Pakistan with a Civilian Puppet Government in Place ~ an Army which is hell bent on  derailing any Peace Process and has many at the top in sync with the  Taliban  &  many enormously sympathetic and supportive of  Terrorist Outfits  LeT and it’s various versions led by India Hater and 26/11 Mumbai terrorist Attack Mastermind  Hafeez Saeed that they allow them to operate from within Pakistan ~ The Country is already in Anarchy ~ and this is the Real and Present Danger that India faces ! ~ A significant area of the nation is already under Taliban control and the Army is scared to enter it !  read more