Interesting and Amusing….Shree Ganesh Jewellery House Ltd prices it’s IPO at Rs 260…lists much lower on April 9,2010 and closes at Rs 163…and on this first day itself Standard Chartered Bank (Mauritius) Limited A/c Emerging India Fund sells at a huge loss,over half a million shares in a Bulk Deal at Rs 169.23 !

The Listing of Kolkata based Nilesh and Umesh Parekh promoted Gold Jewellery House,Shree Ganesh Jewellery House Ltd on Friday,April 9,2010 has spooked everybody

The IPO was priced at the lower band of Rs 260,but listed lower and crashed to 160 levels pretty fast

……An interesting Bulk Deal caught my eye on this first day of listing itself…Standard Chartered Bank (Mauritius) Limited Emerging India Fund (SCBMLEIF) sold 531484 shares at Rs 169.23 aggregating Rs 8.99 crs

I checked the Prospectus and found that they were not part of the Pre IPO Non Promoter Shareholders…of these there were merely two…Shares were allotted in August 2009 at Rs 300,after conversion of fully convertible debentures to Bennet Coleman who ,after a 1:1 Bonus in September 2009 ,now hold 333334 shares at a cost of Rs 150 aggregating Rs 5 crs Investment and Credit Suisse PE Asia Investments (Mauritius) Limited who had invested Rs 80 crs in a CCP Issue and after conversion at Rs 300 and the bonus held 5333334 shares also at a cost of Rs 150…but now hold 3200000 shares after offering for sale shares in the recent IPO

The March 2010 Book Building IPO was made in the Price range of Rs 260-Rs 270,with Rs 260 finally fixed as the Issue Price….It was for 14269831 shares aggregating Rs 371 crs…of this  the fresh issue component was Rs 316 crs through 12136497 shares and an Offer for Sale by Credit Suisse of 2133334 shares aggregating Rs 55.47 crs

In fact SCBMLEIF also does not feature as an Anchor Investor…Of these there were three…IFCI,India Max Investment Fund and Bank Muscat India Fund who together committed Rs 65 crs for 25 lakh shares at Rs 260

The Issue was oversubscribed 1.96 times…QIB portion 1.38 times…Non Institutional Portion 6.12 times and the Retail Portion 1.39 times

So,I assume SCBMLEIF must be a FII allottee in the IPO at Rs 260….Selling off at Rs 169 levels and at a huge Loss of  nearly Rs 91 per share on the first day of listing begs the question “But Why!?”…the loss is Rs 4.83 crs as the Investment was Rs 13.82 crs

As I blog this,markets have just closed at 3.30 pm on Monday,April 12,2010 and the second day of listing for Shree Ganesh Jewellery House and it’s share price is yet Rs 163

Financials show a post IPO Equity of Rs 60.68 crs (FV Rs 10,Promoters hold 70% +)) and a Post IPO Networth estimated to be around Rs 900 crs ( Rs 481 crs at 30/9/2009 + Rs 100 crs second half profit + Rs 316 crs IPO Proceeds to the Company)…that’s a Book Value of close to Rs 150…Debt was Rs 377 crs at the half year at 30/9/2009….After recording a PAT of Rs 80 crs for the half year,the full year FY 10 PAT should be over Rs 180 crs and close to Rs 200 crs…that’s an EPS of atleast Rs 30…the Earnings Multiple is just over 5 times with the Share Price of Rs 163 and under 9 times at the issue Price of Rs 260 and the Book Multiple is just over 1 read more