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“Corruption is our Birthright “….I’m Amused…but I’m Not !

What’s Integrity to an Opportunity !…across the spectrum from Agriculture to Business to Utilities to Sports to Social and Public Services to Government Spending to Banks and Brokers….scams abound

Our Nation has plunged into a Morality Abyss…we need to rebuild our People and Institutions from fresh…because Corruption,Communalism and Criminality are so deeply embedded in our psyches that they are now our mindsets….we need to be purged…we need to be reborn 

“Corruption is our Birthright”…seems to be our mantra…..Big Corruption gives birth to Baby Corruption….and Baby Corruption grows Big….and the Cycle continues….and children of Politicians become Politicians…and their children in turn….

Big Corruption…..ABC…Adarsh/A Raja….Bofors…..Commonwealth Games……with Ministers proclaiming and defending action saying they were only following precedents and policy and procedures laid down by predecessors !…Blatant & Brazen Loot….Heaven help us ! 

Baby Corruption….Poilce and RTO…had an interesting conversation with a Mumbai Traffic Poilceman…”I’m willing to lay down my Life in my Line of Duty….but who’ll lay down Life for these corrupt MCs & BCs that we have as Commissioners in our Senior Police Force !”…the guy was sadly and badly demoralised…In another instance RTO Tout ,in cahoots with those inside RTO,asked for Rs 500 to simply delete the Bank Financiers name from the Car Registration Book after Loan was repaid and Bank had given an NOC….refused …so my Man was made to come four times to the RTO for this simple job…under pretext that some document was missing,or the counter is closed for the day,or that the work will take a day more…..   

That Big Corruption is more wrong  than Baby Corruption can be argued on Scale but not on Concept…Corruption is Corruption…Period….Today you’ll do it for Rs 100…Tomorrow you’ll do it for Rs 100 crs ! 

Self Regulation works only where Morality is intact…so we need External Regulation…but by appointing pliable Heads even these Regulatory and Investigative Agencies become compromised…End Result is that there is no quick and fair punitive action to serve as a strong deterrent….there always seems to be a way out !…and a price to be paid for it !   read more

UPA set to retain Power in India…Sensex Surge on Monday indicated

Within just two hours of counting,by 10 am, this morning it was clear that UPA was leading fairly strongly to retain power….By 11.30 am leads came in for all 543 Seats….UPA showed a superb 245 leads (+ 65),while the NDA showed 160 (-17)

Congress led UPA should clearly get to the magic figure of 272 with little effort in post poll alliances…It’s pre poll alliance should itsel; get it over 240 seats…It would need less than 30 seats to get to this mark…Easy 

BJP infact virtually conceded defeat to Congress…It does however holds leads in Gujarat,Madhya Pradesh,Chattisgarh,Jharkhand and Karnataka….but is paying the price for internal bitterness and divisiveness on a host of issues and the fact that it has no presence in the Big States and even no allies there 

A Stable Government is now assured…and the Sensex will clearly cross 13000 shortly….Expect the Reforms Process to now gather Steam….Focus on Infrastructure will be intensified…Power,Defence…across the Board,really….This time around more care will be seen to balance the interests of the Agricultural Sector and farmers too…With these strong leads the UPA Government is expected to last it’s full Second Term of Five Years

Some other very significant observations that these Election Leads have thrown up

  • All Exit Polls had predicted a fractured verdict and post poll alliance and horse trading…this is now clearly not going to be the case
  • Manmohan Singh will serve as Prime Minister for the second term
  • The Nation was clearly fed up with the political divisiveness and opportunism and has voted for stability and continuity
  • The Nation has ranked Communalism as the bigger evil than Corruption and Criminality…BJP has been perceived as communal
  • Congress Party on it’s own has got more than 190 leads….more than all of NDA…This is the best performance by Congress since 1991
  • Left has been simply Left behind in West Bengal and Kerala….Congress simply does not need it’ support now…so expect strong reforms ahead…In West Bengal,the Trinamool Congress simply blasted the Left and of the 42 seats,it leads in 25,while the Left is leading in just 15 …..In Kerala of the 20 seats the UPA is leading in 15(+14) at the cost of the Left
  • Congress is sweeping in Rajasthan….leads in 20 of the 25 seats
  • Narendra Modi will emerge now as the BJP Face…Rajnath Singh and L K Advani will take a back seat
  • However,Narendra Modi,despite ruling Gujarat State,will face stiff opposition from the UPA led Centre 
  • Nitish Kumar’s JDU has swept Bihar…Here Congress suffered because it’s ally Laloo Prasad’s  RJD  preferred to go it alone….RJD too suffered  badly for this decision  
  • And would you believe it ! In Uttar Pradesh,of the 80 seats,Congress leads  currently show it is emerging as the single largest party !..ahead of Mulayam’s Samajwadi Party and even Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party !…all credit must go singularly to Rahul Gandhi’s efforts in UP
  • read more

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