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Chris Broad

Wake up Javed Miandad ! Slam your Security rather than Chris Broad!

Come On  ! Javed Miandad !…you’re slamming Chris Broad for his slamming your lapses in security for the Cricket Teams and Umpires in Lahore !

Get Real, Javed !…Chris Broad’s life was on the line and you want him to go by the Book and the ICC Code when expressing himself on the terrorist attack on the buses of the Sri Lankan Cricketers and the Umpires !

Media Reports state that Broad lay on top of the wounded fourth Umpire,Ahsan,to shield him….he calls it like he saw…that the security assigned to protect them actually deserted them during the attack….probably because five of the policemen had been shot dead…they were no match for the terrorists

Your Life ,Javed, was not literally on the Firing Line while Broad’s was….He has more a right to indignation than you !

And knowing you,Javed,you would have howled ten times more than what Broad is doing if you were in his place…ICC Code be damned !

So for God’s sake,Javed,don’t distract from the tragedy,by being so defensive and calling for Broad’s scalp…the guy was minutes ,if not seconds, away from meeting his maker and all thanks to the lapses in the security cover provided for them

I do however understand your distraught,that with this Lahore Attack, Cricket and other Sports will be the Casualties in and for Pakistan for years to come

The Perpetrators don’t really care ,like you and I do…Solutions are there to tackle these misguided elements…however the intent,willingness and ability to dismantle this terror structure is in question.

A Chris Broad inspired Cricketing Thought for Tuesday

Methinks both our Openers,Ishant Sharma in Bowling and the Debutant,Murali Vijay in Batting should thank the Match Referee,Chris Broad for banning Gautam Gambhir for one test match for elbowing Shane Watson deliberately in the field of play

With back to back Centuries,Gautam Gambhir was in prolific form and would have loved the Nagpur Track and was a strong and leading contender for the Man of the Series and the luxurious Toyota Altis Car that went with it.

Gambhir had to sit out the Nagpur Test as the ICC adjudicator also upheld the ban…..Ishant Sharma went on to take some more wickets taking his tally to 15 for the series and was declared the Man of the Series and won the Toyota Altis

Murali Vijay,in great form in domestic cricket,was inducted into the team as an opener in place of Gambhir and showed he has the technique,temperament and stroke play to make it at the highest level 

Chris Broad in trying to undo India,gave us M Vijay !

Last I heard was Ishant and Vijay funding Chris Broad’s Goa Trip and Gautam Gambhir planning to sue Broad for a Toyota Altis and Broad appealing to Toyota Kirloskar to save him by giving the Car to Gambhir too !

Just a Cricketing Thought !

I C C ..International Cricket Council….or International Cricket Cowards !?…Popularising or Polarising Cricket ?

Chris Broad,the Match Referee in the ongoing third cricket test match between India and Australia at New Delhi,has just announced a one test match Ban for Gautam Gambhir for his elbowing Shane Watson on being provoked by the latter

‘Gambhir’ in Hindi  means ‘Serious’ and such physical aggression is certainly not cricket ! It’s a serious matter….Gambhir has been earlier penalised for his Spat with Pakistan’s Afridi in an ODI…Chris Broad says he could have given a two match ban but the Umpires said that he was provoked by Watson

This Means that the back to back Centurion and Double Centurion,Gambhir will miss the Final Test Match in Nagpur…was this the gameplan by the Aussies ?

My simple observation is this…While Gambhir clearly deserves this Ban for repeated offence and that too a physical one,the provoker,Shane Watson should not have got away with a mock fine of just 10% of his Match fees

Watson should have been fined his Full Match fees ! What Say, Watson ? To steal a line from Sherlock Holmes,”It’s elementary,Watson !”…You were provoking him from the first over itself…Your reaction to Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan belting you in Bangalore included some choice expletives…you got away then.

This continuing double standards by ICC makes you suspect that something is amiss in the World of Cricket…on one hand you want to popularise the Game and on the other you are polarising it !

ICC and it’s Match Referees, like Chris Broad, are clearly discriminating between players from Australia,England,New Zealand and South Africa on one hand and the players from India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on the Other when it comes to applying the ICC Code of Conduct

It’s Australia who is not playing Cricket in the spirit of the Game…even their Prime Minister had to warn their Captain,Pointing, to play the Game in the spirit of it during the acrimonius India -Australia Series in Australia,where the West Indian Umpire,Steve Bucknor repeatedly and deliberately gave blatantly wrong umpiring decisions in favour of the Australians to enable them to win the Sydney Test…a test that they were on course to otherwise end up losing

The Australians just can’t win on the field and beat the opposing team in a fair and square manner…they need to resort to hardcore sledging and provocation and psychologocal warfare…the problem is that they cannot take any ! read more

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