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Wake up Javed Miandad ! Slam your Security rather than Chris Broad!

Come On  ! Javed Miandad !…you’re slamming Chris Broad for his slamming your lapses in security for the Cricket Teams and Umpires in Lahore !

Get Real, Javed !…Chris Broad’s life was on the line and you want him to go by the Book and the ICC Code when expressing himself on the terrorist attack on the buses of the Sri Lankan Cricketers and the Umpires !

Media Reports state that Broad lay on top of the wounded fourth Umpire,Ahsan,to shield him….he calls it like he saw…that the security assigned to protect them actually deserted them during the attack….probably because five of the policemen had been shot dead…they were no match for the terrorists

Your Life ,Javed, was not literally on the Firing Line while Broad’s was….He has more a right to indignation than you !

And knowing you,Javed,you would have howled ten times more than what Broad is doing if you were in his place…ICC Code be damned !

So for God’s sake,Javed,don’t distract from the tragedy,by being so defensive and calling for Broad’s scalp…the guy was minutes ,if not seconds, away from meeting his maker and all thanks to the lapses in the security cover provided for them

I do however understand your distraught,that with this Lahore Attack, Cricket and other Sports will be the Casualties in and for Pakistan for years to come

The Perpetrators don’t really care ,like you and I do…Solutions are there to tackle these misguided elements…however the intent,willingness and ability to dismantle this terror structure is in question.


1 thought on “Wake up Javed Miandad ! Slam your Security rather than Chris Broad!”

  1. “Intent, willingness, and ability” need to be underlined in bold. It will take some doing for his country to take on Javed’s own samdhi ( hope that is the right word), the big D hiding somewhere publicly in Karachi or Dubai!

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