Christmas Month of December begins with an Interesting Weekend… Some Research on FDI in Retail,Jupiter Bio,OnMobile Global,Jain Irrigation,Sensex Earnings….also Met some really Interesting Business Heads In India…Daughter captaining Maharashtra Football Team at the School Nationals in Port Blair…winding up with some relaxing social interaction…now looking forward to seeing where the Sensex closes in 2011

Christmas Month of December begins with an Interesting Weekend… some Research on FDI in Retail,Jupiter Bio,OnMobile Global,Jain Irrigation,Sensex Earnings….meeting up with  some really Interesting Business Heads In India…Daughter captaining Maharashtra Football Team at the School Nationals in Port Blair….and winding up with some relaxing social interaction

Some Research….

  • to thrash Jupiter Biosciences that has sunk from Rs 75 last December to under par Rs 10 this December…will post it soon on company website under Scrip Tease …. a USA based friend had requested to check this fall as he is a hapless shareholder who  is related to the Promoters and feels awkward  asking them about this decimation…Book Value is Rs 125 ! 
  • to put OnMobile Global at Rs 66 on Scrip Watch …Morgan Stanley currently has this as a wealth creator idea
  • to figure out Jain Irrigation…will shortly put up view on company site….Both Enam and Morgan Stanley recommend it quite strongly at Rs 120 levels
  • Sensex 30 Earnings soon to be put up on the company website 
  • Government’s recent controversial policy announcement for 51% FDI in Multi Brand Retail…checked out Wal Mart and it’s Chinese Operations….Phew ! …they are huge…will out scale simply any competition…will put up a brief note soon on company website highlighting the Pros and Cons

Interesting Meetings with Business Heads… 

Met some really interesting Business Heads in India ….,

  • The CFO of a conservative mutual fund…. has decided to enter Derivatives finally
  • The CFO of listed real estate company that’s just had a name makeover…opines that the share prices of real estate companies will move in a narrow range for awhile…nothing exciting happening
  • A leading behavioural share broker….”your guess is as good as mine” on how the Stock Market will behave in 2012
  • Chinese head of the Indian Operations of a leading Hong Kong Financial Services Giant who has entered India through a JV…”Nice to be in India “
  •  Foreign Returned Indian Director of a Bill Gates Foundation aided Indian NGO who needs help on Corporate Governance Issues and going about setting up a New Board and how to deal with Interference from a leading Industrialist 
  • A leading Expert on Transfer Pricing who had retired very early in life to seek spiritual self….Is Now entering Share Trading for a livelihood !…busy attending trading courses and reading up books on Trading ! Interesting !  
  • A leading ex CA Partner of a Big Four Firm who also headed earlier a leading Diamond Group’s Global Operations…has now just entered the Construction business in New Mumbai,near the new Proposed Airport…says Rs 4500/sq feet is cheap…it is really worth Rs 15000/sq ft !….Keep an Eight Year view he asserts and you will gain multifold !…on my wavelength of a contrarion view on Real Estate for the Long Term    

Daughter Captains the u 19 Maharashtra State Football Team….

The 57th School National Games for u 19 Girls Football Event began in Port Blair on December 1,2011….16 year old daughter was appointed the Maharshtra Team Captain and had the honour of  holding the State Flag while leading her Team in at the Opening Ceremony…They thrashed Gujarat  7-0 on Friday,December 2,2011  and now face a tougher opponent Orissa tomorrow who also beat Gujarat 6-0 yesterday in their group…Both Maharashtra and Orissa qualify for the Quarter Final Knock Out Stage

The Journey to Port Blair was exhausting…The Team left the Kolhapur Camp by Haripriya Express Train on Nov 25 for Renikunta,near Tirupati to catch the connecting Madras Express to Chennai on Nov 26 morning…they missed the connection and had to catch a later train….it was raining in Chennai late night when they reached…left on a 60 hour journey for Port Blair by Ship on evening of November 27,2011 by SCI’s MV Harshavardhana….excitement turned to disgust as they were travelling Bunk Class…sleeping was on steel bunk beds….the food was not edible….they survived on biscuits for three days !…….they had mobile phones and monies stolen…daughter’s phone went….we remain in touch through phones of teammates…”Like you see Jail in the Movies,Dad ! ” …A Pity that a listed PSU like SCI runs such a third rate service on their Passenger Ship to Port Blair…..but Port Blair is better…awesome view from the Ship as they came in…and the Opening Ceremony Parade was lovely….daughter says the Games are being covered on DD Sports…told her to enjoy the Games and shirk off any Captaincy Expectations and Pressures….School Prelims begin this week and she will miss a few papers….She’s in Std X and will be appearing in March 2012 for the ICSE Final Examinations….School is thrilled at her achievement as this is the first time in the history of the School that a Girl has been selected for the State Team for the School Nationals conducted by the School Games Federation of India…her poster announcing this has been put up front as one enters the School….feel warm and proud that she continues to make her School & State and Family & Friends proud….like a Business Leader Friend (not part of above people I met) and Father of her schoolmate remarked to me and a few others in our group last night “She is my hero and my inspiration ! “….well,she is mine too !           read more