Finally British Council help sought to solve the ‘Murder of English’ in Indian Schools !

Finally after 12 years  after declaring in 2000 that English is a compulsory subject in Government Schools,the Maharashtra State Government has engaged British Council to face to face train 920 selected Teachers to teach English ~who in turn will impart the Training to 67000 Teachers ~ one per school

This will be under the Programme , Maharashtra – English Language Initiative for Primary Schools (M-ELIPS)

This is to bridge the gap between intent and outcome and ensure that English is not uttered by Teachers like this as below

Murder of English

Did I hear a Patriotic Cry “Who Learn to want  English !?”

Some hilarious instances I recall when serving with KPMG overseas in the 1980s ~ an Indian candidate was not selected and he wrote a letter to my head thanking him for the opportunity and which ended like this “…when in Bombay give me chance to hospitalise you ” !!!

….another one was when an office driver took an incoming call from a Client and then left a message on the desk of a head ” client called and you not home also had massage with wife ”  !!!

Cheers !