India ~ An Extraordinary Nation led by Very Ordinary Politicians

India ~ An Extraordinary Nation led by Very Ordinary Politicians

The List is Long ~ Now in the spotlight is Gadkari ~ or Gadbadkari !?~ comes on in an exclusive NDTV Studio Interview and brushes off Fake Address Issue of Shareholders saying they must have changed the Address and new Address will be provided !~ Come on Mr Gadkari! we vist Alibag only for weekend relaxation! ~these are fake addresses or real addresses where the shareholders have never had any connection with~ probably deliberately given so that the trail goes cold in case of any probe !

…..and Drivers and Astrologers being made Directors ,some having no clue that they have been made thus ¬†!?

… Driver is now refusing to return from his Village until I make him a Director !

……Methinks late Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” is the Anthem of all these leading politiicians,whether they are in the UPA or NDA or supporting them ~ and they cry hoarse that our Parliament is a a ‘Temple’ ~ Kejriwal has got it absolutely right !~They’re all in it together for the fun of it ! ~ with economic reforms scaling up the pie for all to dig in for bigger slices !~collusion in corruption across all political parties ~only lip service by them demanding resignations and probes on each other ! ~ together they scuttled the tabling and discussion of the Jan LokPal Bill ! for fear of being caught and exposed and prosecuted !

Congress has it’s Pandora’s Box ~Kalmadi & Khurshid ~ Vadra & Veerbhadra…..and BJP has one too with ¬†Gadkari now being hounded for impropriety

How do we cleanse and sterilize our Political System and Set Up !?….we need more Kejriwals and Anna Hazares ! ….we are a great people of a great nation and we deserve new greater ,secular, incorruptible and selfless political leaders that rise from within the people themselves

…..and we need an Independent Media,an Executive and a Judiciary with a strong moral conscience and sense of duty to support a new political uprising

….Rabindranath Tagore’s poem pounds my mind …“Where the Mind is without Fear and the Head is Held High….into that Heaven of Freedom,my Father,let my Country Awake ”¬†