Indian General Elections begin next week~Please Vote

Indian General Elections ~ Please do Vote ~ I know I will

With our two Major National Parties,Congress and the BJP, at each other throats on the Streets and on the Air and in Print and Social Media I wonder who is more dangerous for India ! ! ! rather than who will be good for us !

How low can one stoop !?….check out Uttar Pradesh Politicians….Beni Prasad of the Congress and Azam Khan of the Samajwadi Party have called BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate,Mr Narendra Modi a Goonda and a Murderer respectively….another has cast him as Gabbar Singh ,the Villain Character from Sholay played by the late Amjad Khan !

Congress talks ‘Secular’ but behaves dangerously ‘Polar’ by wooing Muslim Votes through Shahi Imam Bukhari…their continuing stand to keep the Communal BJP out at any cost gets more and more diluted with their compromising India’s Secularism themselves and even National Interests….so many who should have stood trial in Indian Courts have been let off the hook and allowed to leave Indian Shores or deliberately creating a weak case for their extradition….Warren Anderson (Union Carbide 1984 Bhopal Toxic Gas Leak Tragedy),Kim Davy (Purulia Arms Case),Ravi Shankaran (War Room Leaks) and Quatrrochi (Bofors) come immediately to mind

BJP is clearly being supported by Big Business…”I mean really Big” says our Finance Minister P Chidambaram….Narendra Modi keeps being reminded of  the Gujarat Riots in 2002 and his suspected role in deliberately allowing them to happen and not stopping them as the BJP CM of Gujarat at the time too

In a recent episode of Satyamev Jayate on TV , Actor Aamir Khan highlighted the dangerous extent of Criminalisation of  our Political System where  National Parties give Tickets to Criminals or those with Taint going for Winnability over Integrity

The Three ‘C’s continue to torment India….Corruption,Communalism and Criminality….and sadly and dangerously all leading Political Parties indulge in all  Three

After Ages we now have a third rising political party alternative,the Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) of Arvind Kejriwal….born out of  ‘Enough is Enough’ Mindset relating to the extent of Corruption in India

It’s not really amazing that leading and reputed Professionals in all walks of life are joining the AAP , frustrated with the behaviour and mindsets of National Political Parties and supporting the need for a radical cleansing that will bring about accountability and transparency in Governance read more