Insider in Panacea Biotec~up 30%~but Exchanges let it go!

Panacea Biotec~Insider~ but Exchanges let it go!

On January 12,2018, loss making,litigation led Panacea Biotec kept slumbering at Rs 230 levels with Volumes below 10000 on BSE

Suddenly it woke up on January 15,2018 shooting up to Rs 250 levels with Volumes of over 100000

This morning it’s crossed Rs 300

Company :PANACEA BIOTEC LTD. 531349

Period: 12-Jan-2018 to 23-Jan-2018

All Prices in Rs

Date Open High Low Close WAP No. of Shares
12-01-2018   38.05  239.90   231.45  233.25  235.03 9,775
15-01-2018  231.00  266.95  231.00  253.35  255.36 1,19,748
16-01-2018  253.35  264.00  252.15 253.70  257.60 24,406
17-01-2018  254.80  264.15 244.55  256.90  258.24 64,132
18-01-2018 262.90  283.95 260.00  264.70 272.82 2,61,399
19-01-2018 273.00 273.80 265.05 270.20  269.45 52,920
22-01-2018 273.35  291.00 265.00 288.45 282.78 1,26,136

BSE did seek a clarification from the company on  the morning of January 16,2018

& of course Panacea did send it a reply the same day

It’s signed by Vinod Goel, Group CFO & Head Legal & Co Sec with a paragraph extract as below

“Further, the Company believes that there is no pending information/ announcement which in its opinion may have a bearing on the Volume behaviour in the scrip of the Company”

BSE of course, as is bound, put up this clarification for public view on their website

Wow ! because then promptly two days later on January 18, 2018 the Company makes a big Announcement being delighted to announce a collaboration through two long term agreements  with Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd  & it’s subsidiary  for two Vaccines which have huge Global Potential 

This too is signed by Mr Vinod Goel.I’m sure he has a good explanation for this & I for one would love to hear it.Did he not know about the Collaboration just two days before he announced it ? Nah! ~ Of course he was not obliged to disclose it on January 16,2018?…but he could have worded his January 16,2018 clarification better

The Volumes on NSE of course are larger than BSE

In light of the big announcement by Panacea on January 18,2018,just two days after company claimed there is no pending information or announcement that could have affected Volume behavior the Exchanges must follow through with Panacea on this .It’s also easy to bring up who brought the shares of the company from January 15 to the morning of January 18,2018 before the Public Announcement of the tie up

They obviously knew before hand

That’s why the Price has moved past Rs 300 this morning with view that these vaccines could be game changers and literally life savers for Panacea if they achieve Scale Sales as potential declared in the press release as above.a ‘beaming’ Mr Adar Poonawala of Serum Institute says it’s a historic deal as the release states.Dr Rajesh Jain of Panacea too is buoyant read more

Ernest Hemingway was a ‘Dilettante’ KGB Spy !…I could have gone down that route too !

‘Dilettante’…an Interesting NounOxford Dictionary meaning is ‘ a person who dabbles in a subject for enjoyment’ and is pronounced ‘di-li-tan-tay’

A New Book,‘Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America’  by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr reveals that famous author,Ernest Hemingway was a ‘dilettante spy’ for awhile.This revelation is based on the notes of Alexander Vassiliev,a former KGB Officer

Hemingway was recruited in 1941 by the KGB and even went on the sly to China under the name ‘Argo’

However,Hemingway’s Information was pretty ordinary and KGB stopped contacting him by 1951

Whether Hemingway was genuinely keen on becoming a Spy or whether he was just collecting data for a Book is left to conjecture

Reminds me of the 1990s…A close friend and also client at the time had referred me to a very Senior Russian Diplomat in Mumbai as the latter was keen to meet me…I had wondered why then !…he preferred to meet outside the Office and he chose  the restaurant ‘Caravan’ for lunch.It was housed in the Sterling Cinema Complex in the Business District of Fort in South Mumbai…It no longer exists now…another famous restaurant,Royal China ,is now housed there….I remember that the Russian Diplomat had paid for the Lunch ! After all he had Invited ! That was the only time I have met him…Cannot even remember his name or how he looked !..was nearly 20 years ago !….Well what did he want ! ?….Information on People in High Places in Business and Government….what were they talking about on business,projects etc…was he trying to recruit me !? I don’t know…suppose he really was testing me out whether my network did include People in High Places  !…I remember how I had fenced him off,by commenting how lovely the Lunch was ! and that the client had exaggerated !…It was an amusing incident though ! will remember it always !

Love James Bond and Love Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible Series…so it was an intriguing thought when I read about Ernest Hemingway being a ‘dilettante spy’ ! ,that I too had a chance to go this route !…It would not have been worth it though ! and thank God the Russian Diplomat too must have thought I was not worth pursuing !…he would have saved himself Lunch Money if he had visited my office instead…he would not have missed the deep sense and signs of Patriotism….with the Indian Flag proudly displayed in more than one place and Indian Gods all around keeping a protective eye and showering their Blessings read more

Rolta Share Price being Raped and Company’s Promoter K K Singh did not know why !

Rolta was Rs 105 yesterday and this morning it fell suddenly by 7 % initially and then in a quick swoop sunk further to 50% of yesterday’s closing

Rolta Promoter,K K Singh, came first at around 2 pm on NDTV Profit and declared he had no clue why this fall has taken place…he squashed all rumours of UK Business Selloff,Resignation of Auditors,Selling by Lender of Shares Pledged by an associate Company,Manipulation of Accounts,Big Selling by FIIs ….Share Price recovered but was yet below Rs 75 and  35 % lower than yesterday’s closing of Rs 105..Then Mr Singh appeared on CNBC 18 and repeated yet again he was completely lost as to why this fall has taken place and blamed market fragility…He said that his inquiries had revealed that no major shareholder had sold…..yet the combines Volumes on BSE and NSE is 80% of the Free float with nearly Eight Crore Shares being traded Market reacted well on this and Rolta recovered to the Rs 85….It’s a clear indication that more Traders watch CNBC 18 than NDTV Profit !

So if you are a die hard addict of Intra-day trading then you must watch NDTV Profit first…any interesting trading opportunity may arise when Management or Promoter of the Company are chased to explain,deny or confirm company related developement or rumour..take this trading opportunity and then await the same person coming on later on CNBC to repeat what he or she has already said on NDTV Profit…sure way of making money !…..For example you could have purchased Rolta at Rs 72 to Rs 75 after K K Singh came on NDTV Profit at around 2 pm today and denied all rumours that were floating around to explain the Rolta Price crashing by over 40% to dive below Rs 60….Half and hour later,after he appeared on CNBC 18 and repeated himself,the share price of Rolta moved fast by 15% to Rs 85…you could have sold off,pocketing a cool Rs 10 per share atleast inside an hour of Intra Day Trading

Somebody is playing Big Games in Rolta on our Bourses and Rolta Promoter,K K Singh says he does not know !

SEBI has got to get to the bottom of this !..last Month’s Game Lever was Pyramid Saimira…Today’s is Rolta !

Our Markets are fast behaving like a ‘Matka’ Operation !….and in such sensitive and touchy markets,where one believes everything or nothing !,a Market Operator can initiate and float Rumours and get away with Raping the Share Price !

Exchange Authorities and SEBI needs to catch the Share Price Rapist or Gang Rapists fast to maintain market sanctity and credibility…They have been responsible for this combined turnover of over Rs 1000 crs in Rolta today in the Spot and Derivative Markets read more