Just a Thought! Reliance records Rs 5500 crs Q1 FY 14 Profit and Onion records Rs 5500 a quintal ! Which one would you Invest in !?

Just a Thought! Reliance Industries records Rs 5500 crs Q 1 FY 14 Profit and Onion records Rs 5500 a quintal !

Which one would you Invest in !? assuming you were allowed to take a Position in the Agricultural Commodity,Onion

Onion has given 323% returns in One Year ! while Reliance Industries @ Rs 866 has stayed virtually at same levels as a year ago !  

Onions actually Made the Investor Smile ! and of course the Consumer Cry ! while Shareholders of RIL are neither Smiling nor Crying wondering when they’re going to be rewarded after all the big Noises and Promises and Announcements made at AGMs

Just wondering if Onions create Gas  ! ~ Reliance most certainly did not !

……and one last Interesting Point…our Minister Kapil Sibal angrily states on this abnormal sustained rise in the price of Onions “Government does not sell Onions…Go ask the Traders!”.but Mr Sibal ,has not SEBI pulled up RIL for Insider Trading in 2007 and matter is before SAT which has asked SEBI to again have a look at RIL’s Consent Application……also your own government penalised or is planning to penalise RIL for producing sharply less Gas than as committed and  causing deep agony to especially Power and Fertiliser Sectors which were depending on this RIL Gas Allocation !….so why are you turning a deliberate Blind Eye to the Insider Trading and Hoarding that is happening in Lasalgaon and other Onion Mandis ! ?

So which One will reach Rs 100 first !?~ our Rupee to the US $ ~ or Onion/kg ~ or Petrol/litre !?

Because our new RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan says he’s not a Superman !