My First Take on Just Dial IPO ~ WTF ! JUST DONT DIAL !


That’s My First Take on the ‘Just Dial’ IPO ! 

How can SEBI,Exchanges,MOF,Company Law Board even allow this IPO of just under Rs 1000 crs ! ~ there are no  real Objects to the Issue as  it is fully an Offer For Sale by Existing and Part Exiting Promoters and PE  Shareholders and the Company does not get any IPO Money

If you do subscribe in the IPO you’ll make these Existing and Part Exiting Promoters & Other PE Shareholders more very very very filthy rich in no time and making  yourself poor in time to come ! 

The Just Dial IPO opens on May 20,2013 in the book building band of Rs 470 to Rs 543 for a FV Rs 10 share ~ Shares on Offer for Sale by 9 Shareholders  total 17497458 with 75% amounting to 13123095 shares reserved for QIB Portion (normally it is 50%) ~ At top band Price of Rs 543 the Issue Size is Rs 950 crs with all the Monies going to the selling shareholders that include three Promoters,V S S Mani,Ramani Iyer and V Krishnan and 6 Funds that include Sequoia III,SAIF,Tiger Global Four JD Holdings,Tiger Global Five Indian Holdings ,EGCS and SAPV ~ All are Part Exits except for EGCS who exits in full

Plan to write a  detailed note on this Obscene IPO but be forewarned now with these few details and perspectives

Am stunned simply at the gaul and audacity of the Company guided by it’s Lead Issue Managers Citigroup Global & Morgan Stanley  to come out with such an overvalued IPO that is totally an Offer for Sale providing part Exit to Promoters and some PE Players !

SEQUOIA’s Role Play as an Illustration 

SEQUOIA III (Yes,it also holds shares as Sequoia I and II) ,for example at the top band price of Rs 543,will make an obscene 836% Return inside four years on it’s initial Investment in July 2009 at an average Price of Rs 58 a share after  adjusting for a  crazy 55: 1 Bonus in 2010 ! ~ even this Initial Investment of  Rs 38.35 Crs was a Transfer of 118014 Shares on July 21,2009 from another Shareholder Clearmist Ltd at Rs 3250/share  The Liberal Bonus 55:1 on April 24,2010 took the holding to 6608784 shares ~ Of this they are offering 3207934 shares in this IPO and would stand to get Rs 174 crs at Rs 543 and yet be left with 3400850 shares  !

I mean they came in at Rs 50+ and want us to come in at Rs 500+ through their shares ! Whoa ! ~ all for a Company that they just pumped in Rs 250 crs again in  

Promoters exiting make even more ! as their holding cost is between Nil to just 64 paise per share ! read more